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Filcro Legal Staffing one of New York City's leading legal employment agencies recruits for New York City law firms and corporations.  Please click on the legal job links of your choice in the following areas
Legal Secretaries , Word Processing / EDGAR , Paralegals / Legal Assistants / Attorneys , Law, Managing, Docket Clerks , Records , Receptionists , Marketing , Billing , Accounting / Finance , Systems / LAN , Secretarial Supervisors & Managers , Librarians , Fax & Duplication , Attorneys , Mailroom Supervisors , Legal Home Page - All legal jobs are listed by category and salary. Legal Secretaries are welcome to use our convenient Legal Secretarial On-Line Registration .  Current opportunities for Legal Recruiters and Legal Scheduling Coordinators within our firm.  Human Resources and Personnel Positions.    Law firms and corporate employers seeking legal employees, should contact 212-599-0909 ext. 212 to fill their legal jobs.  RSS for Legal Secretaries  
Filcro Media Staffing recruits within the Broadcasting & Media Industries. The division's core business of broadcasting recruitment has grown considerably since 1985.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits on a retainer basis for TV networks, cable networks, radio networks, MSO's, satellite networks, broadband providers, sports organizations, telecommunications companies, media and entertainment conglomerates, governments and other non-media entities with media interests.  Search assignments are conducted in every major media market in the United States and internationally. Media Home Page  - Practice Groups - Company Profile - Methodologies - FAQ's - Case Histories - Search Assignments - Services - Terms & Conditions - Our Industry Cares - All media search assignments are listed by practice group to include compensation and geographic location.   RSS for Media Executives
Filcro Financial Staffing experienced increased activity within every international and domestic banking community serviced in 2007.  The underlying success of the banking group is based on performance and the diverse recruitment services offered.  A record number of new relationships with clients in Europe and Asia has significantly expanded the firm's banking recruitment practices in all markets.  Facilitated by an increased desire for expanded operations within New York City, Filcro Financial Staffing is increasingly identifying entire operating groups by recruiting high potential candidates on every tactical and strategic level.  Banks, brokerage firms, and corporate finance clientele utilize the firm to recruit entry, mid, senior officer and director level employees possessing a multitude of financial skill sets and experience.  Filcro Financial Home Page Filcro Financial Recruitment MethodologiesWelcome & Banking News - Terms and Conditions -  All banking jobs are listed by category. Noted Groups U.S. and International Compliance - Japan Japanese Group - Master Search List - Attorneys - Human Resources - Employers should contact 212-599-0909 ext 213 to fill their banking jobs. 
Filcro Legal , Media and Financial Staffing in association with offers suggested reading material for resume and career advice .  Visit our on-line bookstore to gain additional information pertaining to our recommended selections .
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    Jobs within various employment areas are listed according to salary, industry and location.  Legal, law, media, broadcasting, TV, media, banking, finance or financial categories all fall within the three primary employment environments and are listed through FILCRO New York City.  FILCRO Media, Legal & Financial staffing does not function as an employment agency and we do NOT charge candidates for our services.  FILCRO represents employers and functions as a search firm.  FILCRO advertises in The New York Times.  Since 1985 FILCRO Personnel has been in the New York Times 365 days a year. Jobs lisitngs placed in the New York Times are in the following areas: Legal Jobs in the New York Times, Media Jobs in the New York Times, Banking Jobs in the New York Times, Finance Jobs in the New York Times