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A Digital Media Executive Search Firm, Est. 1985
Digital Broadcasting Executive Search Firms that specialize in digital media and broadcast technology Digital Media Executive SearchDigtial Media Executive Search Firms
Digital media and interactive broadcasting convergence, multi channel applications management development practice groups. National and International business, technical and creative digital broadcasting executive recruitment offered by Filcro Media Staffing. Additional Recruitment Groups
  • Video On Demand VOD 
  • Data On Demand DOD 
  • Digital & HD Broadcasting HDTV
  • Multimedia Messaging Service MMS / SMS
  • Music On Demand MOD 
  • Gaming On Demand GOD 
  • MSO Telephony MTEL / VOIP 
  • Information Security INFOSEC 
  • COM Security COMSEC 
  • Facility Buildout and Recovery FBR 
  • Terrestrial Distribution TDT 
  • Technology & Entertainment Integration TEI 
  • Broadband Power Line BPL
  • Cloud Computing CLOCO 
  • Compression Development COMPDEV
  • CODEC Development CODECDEV
  • Mobile Media Integration MME
  • Digital Media Distribution, Sales, Sales Operations and Engineering Executive Search Identification:

    Multi system Operators MSO, Satellite & Direct Broadcast SAT/DBS , Broadband MPEG ,
    Cable/TV Networks CATV ,Cypher & Crypto C&C , Hi-Definition HDTV ,Set Top STB
    Terrestrial Distribution Technology TDT , Radio Frequency & Antenna RF/A
    Information Service Providers ISP & CLEC , Multiplex Distribution MPD ,
    Acoustic and Seismic Data Assimilation ASDA, Biometrics Integration BI
    Broadband over Power Lines BPL , Distribution and Applications for PULSE,
    CODEC Development, TECHD - Technology Science and Development - JAVA
    Java Developers - CMS - Content Management Systems - Mobile Platform
    Integration - MPI - Multicast Multiplex Multiplatform - MMM - Out of Home - OOH
    Digital Media Executive Search FirmsDigital, Broadcast, Interactive, Mobile, Online, Satellite, Telecommunication, OEM and Cable companies with diverse digital media interests can facilitate growth, encourage new synergistic revenue streams, monetize content, produce, advertise and disseminate on multiple platforms by utilizing Filcro Media Staffing to recruit digital media executives.

    Since 1985 the firm has functioned in every major domestic and international media market to Identify the talent needed to execute strategically and tactically across single and integrated media platforms.
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  • Monetizing Media Assets by hiring the right executives Digital Media Staffing for Cable TV Networks seeking to monetize multicast multiplatform content

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    FILCRO, practice makes perfect Every person should have one of these! Facilities and Operations Virtual Reality, Digital and Laser Gaming Applications
    Filcro Media offers specialized recruitment services within every digital environment in the broadcasting and media industries.  As a multi-tier multi-platform media executive search firm Filcro Media Staffing is devoted to broadcasting executive search in business, technical and creative environments in local, regional, national and international  markets.

    TV networks, cable networks, radio networks, digital networks, mobile, wireless networks, affiliates, station groups, O&O's, MSO, satellite networks, PPV / on demand, telecommunication, corporate media, public broadcasting, NGO's, broad band, OEM's, digital ad networks, BPL, multi-plex, multi-casters, ISP's, utilities and media and entertainment conglomerates are the types of entities that are supported through Filcro Media Staffing's identification and attraction capabilities.  To learn more about our modality as a specialized digital media executive search firm, please utilize the appropriate links below.

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