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Senior Manager | Officer in Charge
Media Recruitment and Consultation
New York City, NY - USA

Filcro Media Staffing is seeking an experienced media recruitment professional with exceptional media industry acumen to identify, recruit, qualify, and at times relocate media executives while guiding clients strategically in domestic and international markets to bring their media goals to fruition.

This Senior Manager should have broad and granular knowledge related to the firm's specialized Media Practice Groups.

Filcro Media Staffing as a retained international media and broadcasting executive search firm serves a diverse client base of media entities and the Fortune 50-500 with internal media interests. Since 1985, the firm has provided a holistic approach to recruitment serving clients that require substantial media acumen during the identification and recruitment process.


  • Consult with client companies to include: Human Resource Professionals, Hiring Managers, Executive Search Committees, Board of Directors and Media Investment Banking Firms prior to the commencement of search.
  • Maintain focus on the strategic and tactical objectives of a client company during the search process to assure their business goals are paramount at all times.
  • Identify media executives in a creative, smart and expeditious manner to attract those who are not actively seeking employment
  • Qualify a media executive's experience, skills, acumen and capacity within context of specific assignments utilizing standardized and proprietary  methodologies.
  • Recruit candidates for domestic and international search assignments in US, LATAM, MENA, EU and ASIA media markets at times working in multiple languages requiring cultural sensitivities.
  • Function in a consultative manner when completing assignments in Business, Technical and Creative environments to client companies and at times their investment interests.
  • Travel when required to meet with senior hiring executives, executive search committees and boards of directors.
Required Skills and Experience
Candidates should have an in-depth knowledge of:
  • Motion Picture Studios TV & Film Groups
  • TV Network & Station Groups all 200 DMA’s
  • Radio Network & Digital Radio
  • Music Publishing & Licensing
  • MSO Operators & Triple/Quad Play
  • Sports Broadcasters, Sports Teams, Sports Leagues, Sports Talent Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Venues
  • Intellectual Property, Licensing
  • Integrators of Broadcast Services & Technologies
  • Advertising Agency Creative, Media, Technology, New Business, Account Management & Production
  • Telecom | Utilities in Public & Private Sectors
  • Mobile Carries
  • Print & Digital Publishers to include magazine, newspaper, digital curated content, branded content and entertainment
  • OTT & DOOH
  • Satellite Broadcasters and Satellite Technologies with a base understanding of transponders and how broadcasters maintain satellite inventory and redundant systems.  Base understanding of C & Ku antenna technologies
  • Fiber Optics & Plants - Direct | Fiber to Copper  | Fiber to RF
  • LAN/WAN/SAN technologies and CMS Systems
  • Traffic & Inventory Systems across all platforms
  • Media Analytics and Metrics beyond C3/C7 - Primary and Secondary
  • The entire Development, Production, Post Production & Distribution process for TV, Film, Radio, Music & Advertising
  • Media Facilities to include NOC, Head end all BO&E for all creative and technical applications, Antenna, Cell, Transponder & required HVAC and 24/7 redundant power.
  • Creative Personnel as Writers, Executive Producers, Producers, Lighting/Grip, Camera, Talent Management, and Ideation for Marketing and Sales.
  • An understanding of Affiliate Sales, Marketing, Relations, Distribution and Promotions
  • An understanding of Corporate Communications for PR, Shareholder/Investor Relations, Human Resources and internal corporate communications networks.
  • Above average knowledge of all union and non-union environments and regulations associated with SAG, AFM, AFTRA, IATSE, WGA, DGA
  • An understanding of TV, Radio and Digital Programming to include Scheduling, On-Air Promo, Development, Production and Co-Pro Deals.
  • A complete knowledge of national media sales to include advertising sales, sponsorship, direct response and all associated sales support functions
  • An understanding of the primary human resource functions to include: Recruitment, Employee Relations, Compensation, Defined and Non-Defined Benefits Plans, Training & Development, Diversity, 360 Programs, Succession Planning, Employment Contracts, Of primary interest are employment law nuance in New York and Los Angeles in Union and Non-Union environments.
The above media industry knowledge will permit the proper Manager to understand a client's strategic goals within context of their business, technical and creative objectives.  An Officer in Charge of Search at Filcro Media Staffing must understand every aspect of a client's business(es) and the media industry as a whole. 
  • The ideal candidate will have 10 to 15 years of media recruitment experience interfacing with hiring managers, HR, executive search committees and boards. 
  • A true passion for all things media from a business, technical and creative perspective.  They should be well read, keep up with the trades and be attuned to media and entertainment mergers and acquisitions.
  • Exceptional communication skills are required to assimilate and disseminate information and the ability to formulate ideas and concepts in writing.
  • The ability to conduct scenario driven interviews that determine current and future capacity from Manager to C Level.
  • Function through the search process with autonomy when required for confidential succession plans, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Ability to think out of the box, creatively and expeditiously to meet a client's needs in competitive markets for highly skilled media executives in business, creative and technical environments.  At times drawing from “non-apparent” sources and environments.
  • Exceptional work ethic, integrity, focus, social decorum, maturity and discretion. 
  • Must be able to maintain confidential information at all times.
  • An appreciation of diverse corporate cultures within large and small companies. Knowing that cultures in business, technical and creative environments can vary, even under the same corporate umbrella.
  • The ability to complete search assignments in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Texas, Washington DC, Prague, Kabul, Dubai or Tokyo with equal aplomb.
  • Long standing relationships with human resources, C-level hiring executives and BOD's in the media and communications industries.
  • A strong sense of social decorum.  The ability to interface with Chairman, CEO, Board and senior most executives in emerging organizations and multinational media and entertainment conglomerates.
  • Ability to attend media industry functions and represent the organization in a professional manner at all times.
  • The ability to confidentially manage six and seven-figure recruitment assignments and perform appropriate due diligence.
  • The ideal candidate will understand the nuance of the 200 U.S. DMA’s for the recruitment of GM’s, GSM’s and News Directors for: Network Affiliates, O&O’s, Station Groups, Stations or Global News Bureaus the firm recruits for.
Qualified candidate are encouraged to apply in confidence. 


Tony Filson 
Filcro Media Staffing
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10017

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