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Filcro Legal Staffing is one of New York's leading recruitment firms specializing in the identification of  legal support staff.  Our clients include law firms and major corporations who require the utmost care in identifying the proper employees.  Firms that enjoy our services experience one the lowest turnover rates in our industry.  This substantially lowers the costs associated with employment and conveys the stability and professionalism required within a professional legal environment.

Filcro Legal Staffing offers legal secretaries relocating and moving from other parts of the United States help with the relocation process.  We understand what it is to find a new job, a new home and new friends in a town like New York City.   We want to help legal secretaries who need a friend to help them through the process of getting that perfect new legal job. If you're going to relocate or move in the next month or so, please give a call so we can help you find a new legal job in a New York law firm or corporation that will make your adventure to New York City a happy and prosperous one.  

Need an apartment?  We can offer some advice there too!  We're here to help you as best we can.  Let us know what your moving schedule is and we will work around your travel plans.

Filcro Legal Staffing makes proper, correct introductions. When the proper employer and qualified employee are brought together we call it "Building Success" at Filcro Legal Staffing"We Build Success One Person at a Time". ®

Filcro Legal Staffing is managed by Shannon Kay and formally Loretta Anderson.  Shannon Kay her staff have over fifty-five years of combined legal recruitment experience within the legal profession. These professionals along with their administrative and support staff, provide the type of service every major law firm, corporation and legal employee should expect from a service oriented legal recruitment firm.

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