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Filcro Media StaffingThe Filcro Media Exchange exhibits the cross platform multicast environments that Filcro Media Staffing recruits within. Media  professionals across all legacy and digital media platforms will enjoy reading about the platform synergies provided by the firm. Link

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Filcro Media Staffing is one of the principal media executive search firms with dedicated resources devoted to the specialized recruitment interests of mobile media broadcasting across multiple media platforms as standalone or multicast broadcasters. 

Through the recruitment of best in class media executives and technologists Filcro Media Staffing facilitates the integration and monetization of mobile, online, TV, radio, satellite, print, gaming, Roku, OEM and OOH assets for multicast, multiplex and single platform dissemination.

Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has served the evolution of convergence as media broadcasters developed sophisticated products and delivery systems to maintain and expand their markets in local, regional, national and international geographics.

To create, integrate, manage and monetize mobile media assets there are compilations of leadership, operational, creative, sales and technology functions required.  Filcro Media Staffing has extensive experience recruiting executives for each of these strategic and tactical functions with a myriad of hard skill sets and experience variables. 

CXO’s, functional managers and technologists are recruited with a broad awareness of ideal media targets for universe compilation.  As functional Q&A, CMS, Java and GUI technologists are in demand so strategic leaders with keen ideation skills and sales executives with the capacity to lead domestic and international monetization.    

The firm's efficacy in mobile media recruitment and the accompanying modality for selected searches are offered transparently and exhibited in documented case histories for examination within context of platform integration,  geographic, content dissemination, market and autonomy level

Cable TV

Filcro Media Staffing recruits for a diverse roster of Cable TV Networks and MSO’s that broadcast integrated media through MSO, satellite, mobile, online, broadcast and emerging OEM media platforms.

CXO to functional managers are recruited with proven efficacy in domestic and international markets.  New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC and the areas surrounding these metropolitan areas are Filcro Media Staffing’s primary recruitment environments in the United States.  The Middle East, North Africa, South America and Asia are active international recruitment environments for the firm.

Filcro Media Staffing conducts searches for Cable TV Networks and MSO’s who multicast.  News, Sports, Music, Entertainment, Reality, Financial, Cultural, Gaming, Q&A, Public Broadcasting, Government, NGO and corporate broadcasters are competently serviced with recruitment offerings that transcend genre and platform specific dissemination.

Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing has been recruiting for every business, technical and creative function inherent to the operation and monetization of running a successful multiplex, individual Cable TV Network or MSO with one million to one hundred million subs+.  The level of broadcasting executive search expertise offered by Filcro Media Staffing is invaluable

Conducting sales, sales support and affiliate executive searches for advertiser and subscriber based Cable TV Networks and Multiplex broadcasters are extremely active practice environments for the firm.  With start-ups, acquired assets and optimizing current Cable TV Network properties Filcro Media Staffing has facilitated billions of dollars of revenue by identifying and recruiting the proper Cable TV broadcasting executives to bring business goals to fruition.

With technology playing a key role in monetizing assets, Filcro Media Staffing offers extensive experience with engineering, broadcast operations, sales planning, traffic, inventory, technology development and media IT that permit strategic and granular acumen to be utilized to assure that a systemic understanding of broadcasting is utilized during the executive search process.

Filcro Media Staffing completely understands media recruitment from a pipe and content perspective for Monetization, Optimization, Operation and Dissemination (MOOD).  All areas are expeditiously serviced by the most noted broadcasting executive search firm in America devoted exclusively to media.

We welcome inquiries to explore the myriad of business, technical and creative areas that Filcro Media Staffing recruits for within Cable TV Networks, MSO’s and every required ancillary media function.

Broadcast TV

Filcro Media Staffing’s core function, at its founding, in 1985 was recruiting for the broadcasting industry.  ABC, NBC and CBS as the major TV Networks were at the time at their epitome of dominating the media landscape.

As media broadcasters developed and monetized increasingly sophisticated products and delivery systems, Filcro Media Staffing consistently evolved at a proactive cadence to fulfill the demanding human resource needs of TV distribution, TV production, TV technology and TV advertising sales.

From CXO to functional managers, Filcro Media Staffing recruits within every business, technical and creative environment required to properly and successfully run a TV broadcasting entity.

TV Networks, TV Station Groups and Independent TV Stations are provided with recruitment services in every major and minor market in the United States, U.S. Territories and International Markets.

GM’s, GSM’s, News Directors, Presidents of Station Groups, Traffic, Inventory, Production, Accounting, Online & Mobile Integration, Engineering, Broadcast Operations, Business Affairs and Sales are a few of Filcro Media Staffing’s media expertise areas for TV broadcasting recruitment.

Today, more than ever, the integration of media platforms and monetizing valuable local, regional and national markets are keys to success.  With localization now being optimized as a product platform there are numerous opportunities to capitalize on revenue streams through integration. 

TV, Online, Mobile and OOH revenue streams are just as important for an Independent Station as they are for a major TV Network.

As a highly specialized media executive search firm, Filcro Media Staffing offers TV Broadcasters unique access to the latest comprehensive talent required to meet current and future business goals.

Detailed case histories can be viewed to explore the firm's capabilities and recruitment modality.


Filcro Media Staffing recruits domestic and international radio broadcasting executives from the CXO to functional manager level in all business technical and creative environments.

From major market U.S. radio broadcasting on RF, Digital, Wireless, Mobile & Wi-Fi to European, Middle East and North African markets, Filcro Media Staffing recruits the proper executives to build, operate, monetize and create content to meet the integrated media needs of local, regional, national and international radio broadcasters.

Working within all genres from news, sports, talk, music, the arts, education for both private and public broadcasting, Filcro Media Staffing has facilitated some the most successful radio properties in the world.

Many clients of the firm own radio properties as part of their media asset portfolios and Filcro Media Staffing has extensive experience optimizing cross-platform ownership with TV, Radio, On-line, Print, Mobile and OOH media.

 The radio industry continues to evolve based on technology and competition from other media platforms.  Through the executive search process Filcro Media Staffing facilitates “the business of radio” to be as vibrant, innovative, effective and profitable as ever before.

The term  legacy media” no longer applies to radio assets that are properly managed to take advantage of technology, content and localization.

Filcro Media Staffing offers unique case histories of diverse radio executive searches that exhibit the firm's capacity to recruit and attract the proper, regional, national and international radio executives.

We welcome inquiries to explore the myriad of business, technical and creative areas that Filcro Media Staffing recruits for within traditional, integrated and digital radio broadcasting.

On Line

Filcro Media Staffing recruits CXO to functional managers in domestic and international online and digital media environments.

Stand alone and integrated media platform clients include: Broadcast TV & Radio, Internet, Cable TV, MSO’s, Satellite, Search Engine, OOH, Print, Mobile, Gaming, Roku and STB integration.

Executive searches are conducted in local, regional, national and international markets for all business, technical and creative areas of responsibility.

The integration of online assets with other media platforms and the monetization and operation of required front and back office are frequent recruit functions of the firm.

Filcro Media Staffing has extensive experience domestically in the United States building out sales, sales operations and ideation for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, the Washington DC area, Atlanta and Florida.

Internationally the firm is very active in Middle East, North African, Sub Saharan Africa, South American, European and Asian markets.  In 2010 the firm recognized a need for increased News and Journalism recruitment for cross platform, commercial, NGO and Government Services recruitment and established “The Arabic Newsroom”. In 2011 and 2012 the ANR continues to play a vital role in building media and developing infrastructure. 

Documented case histories exhibit the firm’s experience and efficacy with online and digital media executive searches.

Queries pertaining to the firms digital recruitment capabilities are always welcome.

OOH and Place Based.

Filcro Media Staffing recruits (OOH) Out of Home and (PB) Place Based advertising sales executives for diverse media interests in local, regional and national markets.

With place based and out of home media platforms offering digital dissemination and the assimilation, of verified media metrics, the industry is experiencing exponential growth in market penetration and revenue.    

Building the proper infrastructure to monetize unique B to C and C to C opportunities abound once leadership and the accompanying media infrastructure is in place for selling, operating, disseminating, assimilating, traffic, inventory, sales planning, RFP responses, ideation and content creation or licensing.  All these components are integral in the strategic and tactical success of OOH and PB media platform monetization.

Genre, vertical and venue specific opportunities abound for companies capable of recruiting the proper executives to orchestrate the soft and hard assets required. 

Out of home and placed based advertising revenue streams surrounding music, entertainment, automotive, consumer packaged goods, electronics, telecommunications, apparel, food services, beverage, travel, gaming and financial services are all examples of business verticals that Filcro Media Staffing has helped monetize by recruiting the appropriate executives.

Recruiting for the worlds largest media and entertainment companies and exciting new start-ups generating their first revenue streams; Filcro Media Staffing has the experience and capacity to attract the human capital required to bring well executed OOH & PB plans to fruition.

New Clients.

We enjoy discussing topics ranging from current search assignments to media industry business, creative and technical issues with those who seek our media recruitment expertise. Our goal is to always be a media industry partner as a timely and immediate source of relevant information and recruitment resources for our respected clients.

The Filcro Media ExchangeFeel free to contact us. We appreciate topic and service suggestions to enhance our ability to serve a diverse global media community.

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The Filcro Media Exchange was created to offer a free educational service to aspiring broadcast engineers in broadcast technology journalism areas of employment.  Offered are free educational tools to include videos and materials submitted by users to exchange ideas and post their editorial views and to ask questions about satellite equipment or pictures of satellite equipment so we can all learn collectively how, why, where and when this equipment applies to learning about the satellites and satellites dishes and the broadcast engineering areas of news and journalism technology.  As students exchange ideas and learn we offer anonymous posting so no one is ever scared or embarrassed to ask the simplest or most complex question. We ask that for all avatars and pictures that you post that you realize that these pictures are for educational purposes only and Filcro Media Staffing does this free of charge and receives no compensation for this service in any way shape or form.  This site was purely for educational purposes. Bad language. nudity, abuse of other posters, mean spirited exchange or abuse of the learning forum as a purely teaching tool are prohibited.  As a tiny entity we cannot nor do we have the resources to monitor every posting or every exchange between those exchanging ideas in a learning, teaching or educational environment like this that is supposed to be open for the free exchange of ideas and learning..

NOTE:  Why we closed the Filcro Media Exchange.   The Filcro Media Exchange was hacked, as a free teaching or learning service for Satellite and Broadcast Engineering as a teaching tool.  Some poster or posters hacked into a server and posted materials that were prohibited and effected all our web pages and changed the names of pages and pictures.  It will take resources, time and effort to remove all these materials and based on this abuse it ruined a free educational service to teach aspiring engineers about the most basic and at times the most advanced information about satellite technology.  As much as some considered these postings minutia as they were small in size and of apparent poor quality even for the standards of a free teaching site we did not have the time or resources to monitor or prevent the abuse from those who hacked our service.   

With respect to copyright and intellectual property all images were for teaching purposes only and student avatars related to topic questions were posted by the student. We reserved the right  to remove any image at any time without warning. In some instances our own material was replaced with unauthorized postings and in some instances what we considered inappropriate materials. People were asked as students to only submit images that are safe for general public viewing, e.g. no nudity or bad language as this was a beta service and as such we cannot or could not guarantee the posting, deletion or permanence of anything uploaded during this phase. This was not a picture hosting service but a site for learning and teaching that was abused.  We are sorry to close this service but as a free learning environment provided by a small company we did not have resources, the technology or policing powers to stop unauthorized posting or hackers.  To those who benefited and contributed from this free teaching exchange we wish you all the best and hope that when the exchange was opened it played a part in helping you to learn about satellites and journalism and news technology.

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