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A Specialized Media Executive Search Firm

Filcro Media Staffing is a retained professional services recruitment firm devoted to the media industry and the Fortune 50-500 with internal media interests.

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Filcro Media Staffing has completed thousands of media focused executive searches since 1985.

A few detailed examples of who we serve and the talented executives we recruit. Varied Case Histories

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Filcro Media Staffing serves all our clients completely. 

Think of every department in a large multinational media and entertainment conglomerate and Filcro Media Staffing has provided domestic and global recruitment demands, with excellence, in each. Media Recruitment Expertise

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Clients of Filcro Media Staffing

Serving a 400,000 employee multinational or a 6 person start-up and their investment bank, Filcro Media Staffing is noted for bringing business goals to fruition, by recruiting the talent required.

We are honored to serve our clients, to be trusted to recruit  leadership of the most profitable and recognized media companies in the world. 

Relationships of substance become stronger with time and Filcro Media Staffing is noted for facilitating “talent & transactions”.  This trust bestowed upon the firm from the boardrooms and c-suites we serve, is from functioning with honor and integrity at every turn.  Testimonials

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