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Tony Filson President Filcro Media Staffing   “The Hunting Dog”  
Tony Filson "The Hunter" Filcro Media Staffing



Once on the scent he is relentless.  “This Dog is Busy” Rumor has it he once chased an executive to his vacation home in the Bahamas.  The Chairman of the client company flew Tony and the still beach oiled executive back on his private jet.  To cement the deal he had the executive back on the beach that same evening.  Tony received a great compliment from the Chairman who stated “That dog can hunt”.  Ever since, he’s been known as “The Hunting Dog”.

Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing  “The Universe Creators”                                                                                Media Platfor Recruitment Filcro Media Staffing

Some often wonder, “Where or how do you source such talented executives?”  We call them the turtles and birds of Filcro Media.  Some take a slow methodical approach to identifying executives.  Others, swoop down and pull fruit from the branches of prolific media trees before anyone takes notice.  We need turtles and birds as we never know who will bring home the sweetest fruit. Anonymity is important to the “Universe Creators”; should your boss know their names an e-mail or phone message from a turtle or a bird could raise some eyebrows.  >

Filcro Media Staffing Asia Pacific Tony Filson  “The Octopus”                                                                                              Filcro Media Staffing

With her hands in more than six emerging media markets and five major media centers in the US, LATAM, EU, ASIA and the MENA she is on top of the trends and talent that drive media and entertainment markets globally.  Known as “The Octopus” based on her unique acumen in all things media.  In business, creative and technical spaces she approaches each search with a granular understanding of each discipline that assures perfect strategic planning and tactical executionHer turtles and birds swim in her ocean.

Helene Filcro Media Staffing   “The Gold Fish”                                                                          Filcro Media

From New York to Japan to Prague she has identified the leading executives for numerous multinationals.  Quick to swim any ocean in pursuit of her prey she is known as “The Gold Fish”.  Rumor has it she is responsible for identifying an executive that saved one global organization from losing billions of dollars in Asian markets.  Granted unique access to Japan, Germany, London and Hong Kong “The Gold Fish” represents success to her select group of international clientèle.

Shannon-VP-Filcro-ALFP The Legal Eagle

Sea soars in the clouds and nests with the world's largest law firms and business affairs environments on the planet.  As a legal eagle she identifies specialized media legal, business affairs, licensing and legislative executives who walk the halls of power in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles. 


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