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Filcro Media Sports provides a broad spectrum of recruitment and management services to the sports industry for broadcasting and event management.   The firm serves broadcasters, teams, Fortune 50-500’s, and Unicorn Brands seeking sports synergies. 


Since 1985 Filcro Sports has recruited sports media executives for some of the most profitable sports entities in the world.

Served by Solid Relationships

TV Networks OTA & Cable, Digital Publishers, Radio Networks, Sports Leagues, Sports Teams, Sports Venues, Athletes and their Representation, Sports Events & Int’l Competitions, Sports Governing Bodies,  Sports Media/Press and Producers of Sports Media & Digital Content.

Filcro Sports offers a hands-on understanding of day-to-day venue, special event, broadcast and game-day logistics. 

In New York City, the firm has a proud history of serving Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, The New York Rangers, The New York Knicks, The New York Yankees, The New York Mets, Liberty Basketball and others to make “Game Day” a media reality. 

This tactical experience recruiting and managing team and broadcast personnel on and off the field, makes Filcro Media Sports uniquely qualified to bring sports business goals and sports leadership talent acquisition to fruition expeditiously.

Filcro Media Sports has worked with the senior most management of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL as well as IMG Management, ESPN, CBS, HBO, YES, WWE and a proud history with TopRank Boxing and Extreme Sports.  Kitesurfing is of interest to the firm and forward thinking for 2024. 

The Firm have transitioned and recruited sports executives through our executive search practice who currently mange the most successful athletes and teams in the world.

Managing, marketing/selling, broadcasting, promoting and operating multi-billion dollar sports entities requires those cut of very special cloth

Filcro Sports has a history of “Diversity and Inclusion” in the sports industry and supports many philanthropic efforts on and off the field.  Filcro Sports has placed many of the first women to hold EVP level positions in the industry.

Synergies Across Industries

Automotive, Fashion, CPG, Cosmetics, Beverage, Adult Beverage, Travel & Leisure, Telecom,  Entertainment, Financial, Technology, Pharmaceutical, QSR’s and  others for brand awareness, new product roll-out and general monetization. Filcro Sports brings the Fortune 50-500, “to the game

Business Solutions Facilitated by Recruitment, Consulting & Relationships

Every business, technical and creative function in the sports industry is facilitated globally in each practice group to bring business goals to fruition primarily through talent acquisition and sports management consulting.

Broadcast & Media

Filcro Sports executive search practice is devoted to sports media broadcasters and sports franchise broadcasting across all media platforms, globally.  Recruitment for sports marketing, broadcasting, technology and monetization cover every regional, national and international sports environment and their relationships with general market industries that benefit from sports industry synergies.

Global media recruitment is facilitated within specialized practice groups that serve the business, technical and creative business goals of the sports and sports broadcasting industries across all platforms.

Sports Business Goals Brought to Fruition

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