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New York, NY - USA

Reporting to

Chief Revenue Officer


Major Search Engine - Online, Mobile and Social Networking

Officer in Charge


The Business

Sales Client and Creative Services Executive Search by Executive Search Firms that specialize in Sales Client and Creative ServicesThe new CRO wanted to substantially upgrade the company’s capacity to function directly with advertisers and their advertising agencies prior to and after RFP responses. 

The sales offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago required a centralized client and creative services function that would optimize revenue through creativity, business acumen and quick turnaround time.

Filcro Media Staffing’s objective was to recruit a gifted Director that could build all National front and back office functions, technology, policies and the associated creative process to serve the needs of a national sales force and the diverse clients of the firm while also managing a talented staff and the resources devoted to the department.

As this client disseminates across online and mobile platforms it was also required that the new Director conceive and build micro-sites and collateral materials for client creative campaigns.  Business, technical and creative acumen were all required to lead this department.    


  • Conceiving and developing creative marketing solutions that leverage the full breadth of the firm's mobile, online and social media platforms to achieve revenue goals. 
  • Interface with major brands, advertising agencies and large-sized businesses.
  • Initiative, think creatively and strategically to work collaboratively as a team player with strong presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly detailed to thrive in a deadline-driven, face-paced environment devoted to online and mobile advertising platforms and executions.
  • The ability to make responses to RFP's flow well, look great and address the creative needs of Automotive, CPG, Electronics, Gaming, Entertainment and all the many businesses that the company presents to once RFP's are received.
  • Conceptualizing integrated ideas and writing proposals utilizing tools like PowerPoint, Flash and Photoshop for presentations and RFP responses
  • Think strategically, understanding sales needs and translate these needs into compelling concepts and programs.
  • Business, technical and creative acumen with interactive, web and mobile platforms.
  • Account planning and strategic media planning experience and an understanding of associated media metrics and analytics utilized.
  • Detailed, manage many tasks and employees at once and drive process and organizational client and creative services continuity in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Maintain a department culture that fosters productivity, creative thinking, enthusiasm , and focus and in a deadline-driven environment
  • Integrate materials with sales software ie. Salesforce.com and others to assure that New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are utilizing the same modality.


  • Change Management
  • Establishing continuity
  • Managing diverse geographic locations
  • Implementing new technology and vendors
  • Continuity of “the brand” for agencies and clients
  • Manging, hiring and mentoring staff
  • Establishing best practices
  • Documenting efficacy of new programs and department budgets

Industries for

  • Mobile & Telecom
  • Online Properties
  • Television Networks
  • Radio Networks
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Print and Magazine Publishing
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Creative Studios & Providers of Creative Services to Advertising Agencies


Filcro Media Staffing proceeded by establishing a search universe from the industries and business sectors targeted with comparable client and creative services process and resources across multiple media platforms. 

The initial universe consisted of over 100 candidates and classification was established with three tiers of recruitment targets. Compensation, geographics, company culture, experience and receptiveness resulted in a 1st Tier: 23 candidates / 2nd Tier: 56 candidates / 3rd Tier: 27 candidates.

Sales Support and Sales Client and Creative Services Executive Search Firms that Specialize in Mobile, online and interactive client and creative servicesWeighting of skills sets and experience after a second round of interviews from the first and second tier of 79 candidates brought about 8 “ideal” candidates from all tiers.  After a third round of interviews (4) four ideal candidate were presented to the client to go through the internal interviewing process with the hiring manager, human resources and department heads that would be working with this new Director in a collaborative manner arriving at the same consensus.

Justifications for tiering of 1st and 2nd tiers

  • Marketing development and client solutions
  • Creation of marketing collaterals
  • Presentations and RFP responses
  • Competitive awareness of space and verticals
  • Branding of editorial and sponsorship opportunities
  • Strategy and market research
  • Cross-network solutions
  • Manage, mentor and develop staff
  • Media metrics and analytics for compilation and dissemination
  • Migration from local to national television, print, and radio advertising for online and mobile utilization
  • Financial reporting
  • Technology for business, creative and technical operations of department
    Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Capacity to communicate in person with groups, teams, clients agencies at industry events
  • Culture adaptation to the client’s environment
  • Maturity
  • Autonomy
  • Capacity to learn and grow (High-Pot)
  • Compensation
  • Geographics and ability to travel to clients and agencies if required


Client and Creative Services Executive Search Firms that specialize in media executive searchThe Chief Revenue Officer initially retained the firm to identify the new Director.  However, two of the candidates presented were so “ideal” that he opted to hire another as a Manager in the same department.

Both exhibited exceptional capacity, the Director and Manager weighted 95% and 92% respectively during Justification and were capable of adding immediate value to the sales organization.  The CRO opted to hire both candidates naming one as the Director of Client and Creative Services and the other as the Manager of Client and Creative Services.

The Director was hired from our initial first tier and the Manager from our second tier.  The Manager, though junior, exhibited clear capacity well about the mean.

This one search expedited the firm’s capacity to monetize new revenue and optimized agency and client relationships six months ahead of schedule and under the budget designated.        

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