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Filcro Media Staffing offers media industry specific executive recruitment of business, technical and creative personnel to facilitate the management, operation and monetization of  media properties for standalone and cross-platform media assets.  Please choose your areas of interest below.

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Advertising Sales

Affiliate Sales

Broadcasting Operations

Business Affairs


Closed Captioning

Corp Communications

Creative Services






Human Resources









Post Production

Program Practices


Real Estate



Sales Planning



Talent Payment



TV & Radio GM’s

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Review Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile MediaTony Filson Filcro Media StaffingReview Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Reviews of Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

Review of Filcro Media Staffing TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks Filcro Media

Review of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media Tony Filson

Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Review of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


Cable TV & MSO

Broadcast TV

Radio & Music


Multicast & OEM


New clients are encouraged to review each media industry skill set and practice group corresponding to their current recruitment  needs.  These media practice groups represent essential skill sets and experience compilations, specific to the media and entertainment industry.

Identification, recruitment, assessment and attraction are guided by determinants established through consensus established with the hiring manager and the Officer in Charge of Search. 

Based on the level of executive to be recruited, tactical and strategic autonomy requirements can vary greatly as well as the media synergies across broadcast, online, mobile, print, telecom, OEM and DOOH holdings. Each practice group exhibits nomenclature helpful to clients who are seeking guidance in articulating and establishing common denominators for the search.

Clients seeking review of recruitment modality and efficacy, can do so  through corresponding case histories.  Understanding how Filcro Media Staffing’s media recruiters brings executive searches to successful fruition is extremely interesting.

The compilation of media skill groups, media functions, media platform experience and skill sets utilized as determinants during universe compilation are determined by the corporate structure, culture, reporting matrix, markets, geographics, business goals, media products and technologies of the client company.  All these factors are then weighted from a tactical and strategic perspective within context of the client company's business goals.  For “C Level” compilations of skill sets and experience please review the corresponding examples of C Level case histories.

We encourage clients to understand the specialized media and broadcasting recruitment services offered.  All universe compilation, identification, screening, recruitment and attraction are transparent during the executive search process.

Reviews of Media Sales Recruiters for Advertising Sales Executive Search Review of Filcro Media Staffing Advertising Sales Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media Staffing   Local, Regional, National and International
   Media & Broadcasting Sales
   Advertising - Direct Response - Sponsorship


Filcro Media Staffing provides international, national, regional and local market recruitment of CRO’s, CSO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Account Executives of advertising, direct response and sponsorship sales. Sales Case Histories

Filcro Media Staffing recruits executives for any combination of media platforms, media assimilators or media disseminator to create the “ideal” CXO or functional Manager for single or multicast media platforms and product monetization. Sales and Advertising Group Page

Broadcast TV

Cable TV




Social Networking





Search Engine



Place Based


Filcro Media Staffing headquartered in New York City can recruit a complete international, national, regional or local ad sales force and their required sales support and back office services structure anywhere in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa or the Middle East.

When identifying a single key sales executive or entire national sales force the firm utilizes proven methodologies to recruit and attract advertising and media sales executives. A honed "media sales profile" combined with over twenty-five years of media and broadcasting industry recruitment experience assures proper and timely identification. Hard and soft skill sets are analyzed on three levels  to determine current and future capacity for each sales executive. Filcro Media Staffing is one the most effective media sales executive search firms in the world.

Filcro Media Staffing begins each media sales executive search with a complete understanding of a client's current markets - local, regional, national or international.  Filcro Media Staffing utilizes a client company's current media brand penetration of markets through metrics such as SUBS, DMA's, uniques, category specific verticals, platforms and revenue to determine recruitment strategies. The firm then relates current budgets to an "ideal" and identifies the sales executives with the proper management skills, client relationships, agency contacts and industry experience to facilitate the growth desired.  Talented media recruiters that specialize in media sales compile extensive search universes to recruit, tier and present in an expeditious manner.

When confidential change is a consideration, Filcro Media Staffing provides the sensitivities and experience to make transitions seamless without industry or internal awareness.

Skilled sales executives are identified that manage entire sales organizations, the development of sales staff, sales training programs, ad sales services, new business development, sales technology management, budget development, online and multicast integration, sales planning, research, affiliate and digital / multicast network relationships and much more.

When Filcro Media Staffing identifies an advertising sales executive, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance revenue and make positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing specialized recruitment methodologies that are specific to the monetization of the media and broadcasting industries. Monetizing media assets links.

To browse through media and broadcasting advertising sales executive search case histories conducted by the firm please utilize this link. For the Tony Filson OIC Roster this link

Review of Media Recruiters for Media Technology Executive SearchReviews of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms that Specialize in Broadcasting and Media Technology Recruitment Executive Search Filcro Media Staffing   Media Technologies
   Broadcast Operations, IT, Technology, Production, Post, Engineering,
   Sales, Programming, Content Management, Workflow


Media Broadcast Distribution, Production and Post Operations, Workflow, Sales Operations, Facilities, Engineering and Emerging Technologies. Media Technology Group Page

Filcro Media Staffing identifies specialized media and broadcasting technology executives with broad strategic, operational, distribution, production, engineering, sales, programming and maintenance responsibilities from a software and hardware management perspective.


Broadcast Operations and Engineering (BOE), Broadcast Operations Canters (BOC),Network Operations Centers (NOC) , Television Operating Centers (TOC), Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Video On Demand (VOD), Content Management Systems (CMS), Communications Security (COMSEC),  High Definition (HD), 3D, Holographic Conversion (HC) , Digital Radio (DR), In Band On Channel (IBOC), All TV & Radio Subcarrier, Broadcast Robotics and Automated Production (BRAP), Set Top Box (STB),  Workflow Automation, Multiplatform Automated Delivery, Library & Storage, MPEG(x) All Compression, Multiplex Distribution, Encoding, CODEC Development, Broadcast Mechanical & Facilities Engineering, Broadcast HVAC, Telecom & MSO Network Integration and all VoP, RTP, VOFR, ATM, BPL, and VTOA. 

The media technology listed above is specialized broadcasting, MSO and Telecom technology nomenclature relevant to the recruitment and executive search practices of Filcro Media Staffing.
This diverse technology subject matter reflects the scope and granular practical understanding that Filcro Media Staffing utilizes to recruit media technology executives.  Media and Communications companies seeking talented media technology leaders for single platform or multinational multicast multiplex multiplatform entities are Filcro Media Staffing’s clients.

Review of Filcro Media Staffing IT recruitment executive search firms for the broadcasting industryWith the growing influence of IT facilitating the efficacy of convergence; telecommunications and broadcasting interests experience similar benefits from implementing change management and succession planning through our focused identification. Filcro Media Staffing as a media broadcasting executive search firm understands media technology and media technology people from a tactical and strategic perspective.

Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Recruitment Firms that specialize in recruiting Brodcasting IT Executives  for Information Technology environments  in media broadcasting and digital media  companies Filcro Media Staffing Executive SearchFilcro Media Staffing has broad strategic and granular IT and engineering recruitment acumen specific to the media industry. From actual code for custom programming and systems environments that develop their own solutions for every facet of the broadcasting industry to distribution and sales operational initiatives, Filcro Media Staffing offers highly specialized technology recruitment.  Traffic, broadcast operations, inventory, production, post production, library management, sales, sales operations infrastructure, distribution, research analytics, NOC automation, satellite control systems, CODEC development for in-house and or off the shelf box development are all areas relevant to Filcro Media Staffing’s technology clients and specific to the firm’s recruitment proficiency on tactical and strategic levels.


Filcro Media Staffing is a global executive search firm and our client’s utilize our global recruitment experience to attract talent from the primary technology centers all over the world.  Our capacity to identify, recruit and attract technology talent in not limited by geographic boundaries.  Some areas of exposure for the firm:






Hong Kong






New Zealand







Software and hardware Engineers, Managers, Programmers, DirectorsSr. Directors, Vice Presidents, Scientists and CIO, CTO, CXO level media technology executives are identified with the appropriate experience, acumen and skills. Our commitment to "best practices" in this group and our ability to identify executives when "change management" is essential in sophisticated technology environments is proven. Example of video normalization across five broadcast platforms

Review of Filcro Media Staffing  is one of the IT Executive Search Firms for the TV and Media IndustriesFilcro Media Staffing maintains up to date information from organizations like SONY, Panasonic, GE, Harris, Scientific Atlanta, Lucent, Cisco, SUN, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, INVISION, TRW, Pioneer, JVC, Grass Valley, Philips, Motorola / GI and others to establish our own internal guidelines for hard skill sets for each technical search. When the firm identifies and recruits a CIO, CTO, Senior Vice President of Network Broadcast Operations or a Director of Network Distribution and New Technology for a Multi-Plex, single network or their integrated x.0 compliant web property, Filcro Media Staffing assures that that individual's skills and business capabilities are everything they should be now and going forward.

Every search in this practice group is conducted by an Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with a minimum of 15 years of technical recruitment experience who is also a former Satellite, IT, MSO, TV Network, or technology sales executive with extensive industry knowledge related to a client’s needs. Theoretical and practical knowledge of current and future MSO / network distribution, fiber, digital, production/post, mobile, OEM, satellite and RF technologies facilitates rapid and accurate identification of talented technical employees in every media market in the United States or OCUNUS. The firm stays up to date with legislative and technical FCC mandates for spectrum license allocations including wireless for private/public applications, digital sub carriers and emerging BPL technology. COMSEC and INFOSEC searches are assigned to the appropriate search executive based on the nature of the organization.





Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Media Executive Search

Review of Media Executive Search Filcro Media Technology Search Firms

Reviews of Filcro Media Tony Filson Filcro Media  Staffing

Media Technology
Global Media & Broadcasting Executive Search





The Main Filcro Media Staffing Technology Recruitment Page - links to all technology sub-groups

From initial build-out to recovery to security to operations to integrating legacy platforms for monetization with digital properties and accommodating technological growth, Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive broadcasting and media executive search firm CONUS or OCONUS to identify and secure proven media information technology and engineering leadership. For CTO / CIO

Programming executive searches for all operational, engineering and application development recruitment include but are not limited to: SAP, ASP/, VB/, .NET, Perl, Linux, C++, Oracle, UNIX, SAS,  Java/J2EE, SQL Server.  Please note that Filcro Media Staffing only recruits programmers with related media, broadcasting, telecommunications and entertainment experience.  Also visit our specialized “Media Technology Sales Group.

Review of Media Recruiters for Media Human Resources Executive SearchReviews of Filcro Media Staffing Tony Fislon Search Firms that Specialize in Media Human Resources Recruitment in the Media and Broadcasting Industry   Media Human Resources


Employee Relations


Succession Planning

Training & Development

Incentive Plans

Expatriate & International

Work & Family Programs

Pension Administration

Industrial Relations


Health & Welfare

O&D Planning & Charting

EAP & Wellness

Non-Defined Benefits & Comp

Government & Legislative

Workplace Safety

HRIS & Technology

Filcro Media Staffing identifies human resource professionals for union, non-union and hybrid environments with global broadcasting, multiplatform media and related telecommunications and technology industry interests.  Media Human Resources Group Page

Filcro Media Staffing’s understanding of the complexity and sophistication of the human resource function and the unique skills, components and experience required in the media industry are distinct advantages offered by the firm.

Many media environments contain business, technical and creative environments that require human resource professionals who can work effectively with diverse corporate cultures and needs contained in closely knit populations.

Filcro Media Staffing’s granular knowledge of specific HR skills and experience required to formulate, implement and change human resource practices within business, creative and technical environments in the media and broadcasting industries is unique.  This industry specific knowledge is enhanced by our cultural and industrial understanding of specific media and broadcasting organizations and structures. Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and true Generalists are identified in this search group.

When Filcro Media Staffing participates in human resource searches relevant to Growth, Change Management, Best Practices, Diversity Initiatives and or Succession Planning our firm utilizes proprietary O&D charting we have formulated of every media, entertainment and telecommunications environment in the United States. example - Director Employee Relations. example - Director HR. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Review of Media Recruiters for media real estate Executive SearchReviews of Filcro Media Staffing Executive Search Firms that Specialize in Broadcasting Real Estate and Facilities Managment   Media Real Estate and Media Facilities Management Recruitment
   Operations, Leasing, Acquisitions, Security, Technology, Business Affairs


Broadcast, media, entertainment and telecommunications facilities require specialized real estate and facilities executives to mange a single facility or a vast portfolio of global media real estate holdings.  Media Real Estate Recruitment Group Page

Filcro Media Staffing has recruited for the real estate interests of the largest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world.  We have identified executives who now manage tens-of-millions of square feet of diverse global real estate from traditional office buildings, raw land, entertainment venues, amusement parks, broadcast and telecommunications facilities.

From presidents of global real estate to facilities directors and lease negotiators; our firm has a solid record of identifying those who can meet the special needs of our industry. From lease management and the negotiation of real estate holdings to corporate facilities purchasing and the divestiture of real estate assets, our firm offers a unique and valuable perspective that allows us to identify exceptionally capable media real estate executives anywhere in the world.

Our firm provides an extensive understanding of broadcast operations, television operations centers (TOC), headends, uplink facilities, production studio operations and antenna issues.  This combined with our ability to aggressively recruit and attract passive real estate and facilities candidates from ideal environments is documented. example. Tony Filson OIC

Reviews Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing Reviews Media Recruiters for Traffic Inventory and Media Planning Executive SearchFilcro Media Staffing Reviews of Executive Search Firms that Specialize in Broadcasting Technology in EDI and Traffic Filcro Media Staffing   Media and Broadcasting
   Traffic, Inventory and Media Planning Recruitment


Filcro Media Staffing has extraordinary experience identifying Senior Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers who steward inventory and traffic across multiple media platforms for international, national, regional and local broadcasters. Media Traffic, Inventory & Planning Recruitment Group Page

The firm recruits media executives in every large and small media market in the world to set strategic and tactical policy, optimize process, refine technology and ultimately enhance revenue.

A solid relationship between sales, programming, planning, research, inventory and traffic is vital to a media broadcasting organization.  Every component benefits from the process, technology and support implemented by skilled leadership.

With the increased integration and consolidation of cross-platform media assets a firm’s broadcast TV, cable TV, satellite, radio, mobile, OOH, gaming, interactive and wireless holdings can offer unique challenges for distribution, centralization, monetization, optimization and accountability. Identifying the proper executives to transition, manage and optimize new technology is a recruitment task for skilled recruiters with vast media industry experience.

At Filcro Media Staffing we identify, recruit, qualify and attract the proper inventory and traffic executives to assure the operational success, technological efficacy and skilled management of your traffic, inventory, planning and IT staff devoted to these vital functions.example 1 - example 2 - example 3 - Senior Vice President, Vice President, VP, Director and functional Senior Manager level searches are the primary focus of this media recruitment group. Tony Filson Roster.

Revies of Filcro Media Recruiters for Program Practices and Standards and Practices Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Reviews of Staffing Search Firms that Specialize in Broadcasting Program Practices in Cable and Network TV Filcro Media   Program Practices, Standards & Practices
   and Closed Captioning Recruitment
  Broadcast, Cable & Digital Networks


Filcro Media Staffing has had the privilege and honor of working with some of the most talented program practices executives in the broadcasting industry today.  Program Practices, Standards and Closed Captioning Recruitment Group Page

Identifying editors, closed captioning and editorial personnel in this area is always an honor for everyone here at Filcro Media Staffing. Our firm has watched those who are talented editors and true wordsmiths flourish under the guidance of gifted executives who are noted mentors, greatly esteemed amongst their peers in the broadcasting and advertising industries.

An example of one of these talented visionaries who has mentored and developed talented broadcasting professionals would have to be Matthew Margo at CBS.   His senior strategic leadership, insightful contributions and humanity are eloquently expressed under his tutelage of CBS Television Programming and CBS Cares. Matthew Margo is a prime example of how one talented broadcasting executive who is a compassionate man can make such a substantial contribution to a vast global community.

Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience for Major TV Networks in Broadcasting and Cable has been within numerous program practices’ disciplines associated with the assimilation, editorial review, dissemination and promotion of this business environment so vital to production, programming and advertising to diverse audiences across multiple media platforms.

With ever changing broadcast regulations from the FCC and increased revenue opportunities from digital TV, mobile, library repackaging from CMS, educational, PSA’s, reality and live TV, this is a dynamic environment that offers strategic positioning and synergies for the monetization of B2B, B2C and C2C relationships. 

Substantial revenue generation of this area is achievable with proper strategic leadership and cross platform acumen.  Searches are conducted for MSO, OTA, Cable, Mobile, Broadcast Network, Satellite and Digital Media Broadcasters for single platform dissemination, multicast or multiplex broadcasting.

Review of Media Recruiters for Media Finance Executive Search FirmsFilson Reviews of Filcro Media Staffing Accounting and Finance Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media Staffing   Media Accounting, Media Audit, Media Talent Payment, Media Finance
   and Media Investor Relations Executive Recruitment


There are multiple accounting and financial functions the firm recruits for

The firm provides the identification of accounting, finance, audit, treasury, M&A, SOX and investor relations executives with specific media industry experience.Media Accounting, Finance, Talent Pay Recruitment Group Page.

Broadcast, motion picture, interactive, print, mobile, multisystem operators, telecommunications, media technology, media conglomerates are all supported. 

Filcro Media Staffing provides a global understanding of the media and broadcasting industries that facilitates proper identification of essential skills and experience required when identifying and attracting senior financial executives.   A financial analyst and a vice president of finance can differ or they can be unusually similar based on the media platform, business vertical or size of the organization.  Starting with a clear consensus at the onset of a search and understanding a client’s goals within context of “media” is what enables the firm to bring forward such uniquely qualified candidates. 

As diverse as “Production Cost Accounting” is from “Corporate Treasury”  and “Sales Finance” is from “Talent Payment” there are numerous unique accounting and financial practices that are essential to planning, optimizing, auditing and reporting in our industry.  Filcro Media Staffing has the industry recognition, reputation and awareness to bring forward those who are passive job seekers who require a direct and aggressive recruitment modality to bring them forward.

Given diverse financial structures, reporting matrixes, technology, legislation, media platforms and the size of each organization each financial search is unique. example , example - For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson Review of Media Recruiters for Media Marketing Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Marketing Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media Staffing   Media Marketing Executive Recruitment



Filcro Media Staffing’s media marketing recruitment practices are devoted to the media and broadcasting industries.  This marketing recruitment specialization greatly enhances an organization's capacity to identify marketing executives with acumen and experience directly related to cross-platform, multicast multiplex marketing functions to enhance and drive sales and bring about greater product awareness.  Media Marketing Recruitment Group Page.

Diverse broadcast synergies driving successful marketing initiatives require executives with unusual resourcefulness that understand nuance and strategic positioning and partnerships when driving sales, distribution, brand awareness, advertising, affiliate relations, programming or a multitude of other areas across many platforms simultaneously .

At Filcro Media Staffing focus and understanding is TV Network, digital, telecommunications, mobile, MSO, radio, print, music, multimedia, direct response, social networking, gaming, sports, on-demand, affiliate and related platform and media product issues on a strategic and granular level.   This extensive media recruitment experience offers the firm’s clients a distinct advantage when competing for top talent in the marketplace.

Broadcasters seeking the enhancement or development of additional revenue streams from their core or ancillary businesses will appreciate the understanding the firm brings forward during the identification, recruitment and attraction of talented tactical and strategic media marketing executives. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Reviews of Filcro Media Recruiters for Media Public Relations and Media Corporate Communications Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing A Broadcasting Executive Search Firms that specialize in Public Relations and Corporate Communications   Media Public Relations
   and Corporate Communications Executive Recruitment


Filcro Media Staffing recruits talented writers, producers, human resource communications and shareholder relations executives for domestic and global dissemination across all media platforms.  Media Public Relations and Corporate Communications Recruitment Group Page.

Our guidance takes into consideration that each client’s corporate communications function is unique contingent upon the size and centralization of their current resources.


Every corporate culture has distinct needs and messages and the compilation of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience in the media, broadcasting and communications industries offers many benefits to those utilizing the firm’s specialized recruitment capabilities.

Our firm has staffed environments with over 100,000 employees and those as small as 150 with the same care and understanding.  We assure that the proper corporate communications executive is attracted no matter the size or location of the organization.

Many non-media based corporations have global TV and digital networks that are highly sophisticated from a broadcast operations, production and post production perspective.  Filcro Media Staffing has been successfully staffing these environments with talented executives since the firm’s founding in 1985. example - corporate communications. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Media Recruiters for Media Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Affiliate sales reviews of and affiliate relations Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry by Tony Filson   Media Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing
   & Affiliate Relations Executive Recruitment


The affiliate market is exceptionally competitive and the dynamics of the affiliate relationship are constantly changing based on media platform integration, multicast and multiplex issues.  Media Affiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Relations Recruitment Group Page.

Recruiting the proper executives to represent affiliate relations and affiliate sales interests to key decision makers is essential to distribution, growing an audience and ultimately advertising sales and or subscriber growth.   Filcro Media Staffing recruits honed affiliate sales, affiliate relations and affiliate marketing executives with strong tactical and strategic capabilities, based on your Network’s needs.
At Filcro Media Staffing we draw upon our media and broadcasting executive search experience across multiple platforms.  MSO’s, Mobile, Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Radio, Telco, Digital Networks, OEM’s  and Digital Place Based broadcasters are all part of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment repertoire when recruiting talented affiliate sales, marketing and affiliate relations executives who have the capacity to professionally enhance your current relationships and open new markets.

Filcro Media Staffing was established in 1985 and we are one of the few highly specialized media and broadcasting executive search firms that can arrange rapid recruitment and confidential client-candidate “affiliate” introductions anywhere in the United States.  The firm can recruit, relocate and base affiliate sales executives in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Maryland, Miami or Pennsylvania with the same expediency and efficacy.
Affiliate relations, affiliate sales and affiliate marketing managers, directors and vice presidents are recruited within this group.  Affiliate marketing searches relevant to ideation and research are also facilitated.

Media Reviews of Filcro Filson Media Staffing Recruiters for Mobile and Digital Media Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Broadband and Interactive executive search firms in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media StaffingBroadband, Mobile & Digital Media Integration
Broadcast Platform Development and Compliance


Filcro Media Staffing facilitates initial build-out, maintenance, development, integration, distribution, new revenue stream establishment and FCC mandated compliance. This environment is for those seeking executives from within traditional integrated media and convergent digital multicast multiplex media environments. Tony Filson OIC Roster. - Client Notes - Broadband, Mobile and Digital Integration Recruitment Group Page

Our ability to keep pace with technology, FCC mandates, spectrum allocations and legislative initiatives enables Filcro Media Staffing to play a vital role to those who choose to successfully implement and enhance "convergence". Intelligent technologically savvy executives formulate many new delivery ideas but turning those ideas into viable revenue streams may require new skill sets, operational protocols or change managers. Filcro Media Staffing's understanding of implementing media technologies tactically and strategically is another benefit and advantage enjoyed by clients utilizing Filcro Media Staffing based on highly specialized media specific executive search recruitment capabilities in each practice group. From CXO to New Business Development to Chief Engineer our firm is capable of discerning the proper media experience and skills to manage people and systems for current and future media platforms and broadcasting technologies. example

Media Recruiters for TV Programming and TV Development Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing is a TV Programming Executive Search in the Media and Broadcasting Industry   TV and Digital Network Programming
   & Development Executive Recruitment


Programming and development executives are identified in this group across all media platforms, genres and geographics . TV and Digital Network Programming and Development Recruitment Group Page

  • Programming Acquisition
  • Programming Development
  • Programming Research
  • Program Scheduling
  • Co-Production
  • Production
  • Research
  • On Air - On Line - On Demand - Mobile

TV Programming executives are identified with acquisition, development, planning, production, co-production, scheduling, operations and budgeting experience to attract the most desirable demographic for your audience, advertisers, agencies, affiliates and platforms.

Our firm will confidentially identify, recruit, qualify and attract TV programming executives with the  talent and proven experience to facilitate your creative, operational, business and technical functions within a layered or lean programming environment.

From single to multiplex multicast networks or 3.X/ 2.X interactive sites to mobile devices for regional, national or global distribution Filcro Media Staffing recruits and relocates TV programming executives within every media market in the United States and Internationally. For Tony Filson OIC Roster




Home Shopping








Direct Response


Game Show


Social Networking

Media Reviews of Filcro Media Tony Staffing Filcro Recruiters for TV Sales Planning and Media Sales Revenue Management Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Sales Planning Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry   TV, Mobile and Digital Media Sales
   Sales Planning and Sales Revenue Management Recruitment


Filcro Media Staffing recruits Sales Planning Directors and Vice Presidents with the proper TV and Digital experience to enhance planning, revenue management and sales reporting functions. We understand the analytic, people and media technology skills required to be successful on a single platform or multi-cast multi-platform multiplex.  Media Sales Planning and Revenue Management Recruitment Group Page.

Convergence has transformed the operational dynamics of sales planning for broadcasters who disseminate on multiple platforms. The accurate integrated awareness of pricing and inventory across multiple platforms for sales personnel is now a necessity to optimize revenue.

Traffic, Inventory, Planning, the Agency, the Client, the Account Executive and the Network as a whole all need to be on the same page.

The success of planning and planning personnel is determined by their unique ability to assimilate media metrics and analytics and disseminate data in such a way that your sales executives, agencies and clients can establish the optimal  value of your inventory.

Traditional succession planning in the industry has been focused on a Sales Planning to Account Executive pathing. Our firm endorses establishing senior operational management roles for the specific purpose of enabling continuity of sales support staff, sales planners and the associated sales technology and reporting functions.

Establishing operational means that are embedded facilitates a more productive sales environment and allows for greater scrutiny and confirmation of how process is optimized for everyone.  Filcro Media Staffing will recruit and bring forward those who can function as needed change agents or additions to staff who formalize and enhance sales planning operations. example1 Case History, example 2 Search Profiles. For Tony Filson OIC Roster - Sales Page

Media Recruiter Reviews of Filcro Media Tony Filson for Media Directors Executive Search FirmsReviews of FilcroMediaStaffing Tony Filson Miami   Senior Media Directors, Planners and Buyers
Agency, Broadcast & Client Media Executive Search


Filcro Media Staffing recruits advertising agency Media Directors, Media Planners and Media Buyers within every major media center in the Americas, Canada, Europe, Asia and the MENA. Media Planners, Media Buyers and Media Director Recruitment Group Page

Specialized industry vertical recruitment: Automotive, CPG, Pharmaceutical, Travel and Leisure, Beverage, Adult Beverage, Gaming, Entertainment, Apparel, Footwear, Electronics, Financial Services, Food Services(QSR’s), Telecommunications, Education and Luxury Goods.

Media platforms include: TV Broadcast, Cable TV, Radio, Interactive, Print, Mobile and Out of Home. For Tony Filson OIC Roster - Media Director Executive Search Profile

Reviw of Filcro Media Recruiters for Media Research Executive Search Firms Tony FilsonFilcro Reviews of TV Research Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson   Media Research
   Media Ratings, Marketing, Programming, Affiliate and Sale Research


All research to include primary and secondary rating analysis, the formulation of modality in compiling media metrics, Nielsen Data, Uniques, MSO - SUB (subscriber) - Social Networking usage assimilation and advertising research is identified by this group.  Media Research Recruitment.

Category and industry specific research executives for client services, sales, sales planning and ratings analysis are staffed for broadcasters, programmers, syndicators and advertising agencies.  Category specific automobile, beverage, adult beverage, travel, leisure, sports, entertainment, gaming, electronic, service, social networking apparel and even direct response (DR) are all O&D charted. We provide developers, disseminators and advertisers  of media product rapid identification of experienced professionals in all of the above research environments primarily in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

For technical data assimilation and dissemination for STB, OD, wireless and online interactive platforms from an operational perspective please refer to our Technology Group.  For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Filcro Media Staffing Tony Filson of Review Media Recruiters for TV On Air Promotion Executive Search FirmsTony Filson Filcro Media Staffing On-Air Promotion Executive Search Firms in the Broadcasting Industry by Filcro Media Staffing   TV On-Air Promotions Executive Recruitment

Fortunes are spent developing and acquiring TV and digital programming and all too often a primary or desirable demographic still remains elusive. At Filcro Media Staffing we view On-Air Promotion as informative, enticing, exciting, stimulating and cutting edge eye and ear candy. Winning at PROMAX is only half the battle.  TV Network On-Air Promotions Recruitment.


Talented, Directors, Editors and Vice Presidents of TV and Digital On Air Promotions are all recruited here. At Filcro Media Staffing we understand the OAP function and how important it is to drive new viewers through traditional and nontraditional synergistic cost effective multi-cast broadcast methodologies. On and off air promotions are included within this recruitment environment and reels are maintained for all our clients to enjoy during the executive search process. Every search conducted in OAP is enhanced by Filcro Media Staffing’s understanding of the technical, business and creative acumen required in every broadcast function across multiple media platforms associated with OAP. example For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Reviews of Media Recruiters for TV On Air Promotion Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Legal and Business Affairs Reviews of Executive Search Firms in the Broadcasting Industry   Media and Broadcasting
   Legal and Business Affairs Executive Search


Filcro Media Staffing recruits across the entire legal and media  business affairs function. Legal staff is identified in royalty, licensing, litigation, regulatory, SEC, FCC, legislative, real estate, copyright, compliance, co-pro, programming acquisition, corporate housekeeping and M&A disciplines all related to media.  Media legal and business affairs recruitment group.

Searches are conducted by skilled recruiters with extensive media industry recruitment experience in law firm and corporate law environments. Based on our understanding of business, technical and creative functions inherent to the media and entertainment industries we are uniquely qualified to identify media related business affairs executives on every level.

Filcro Media Staffing offers clients “scope” and “specialization” not offered by any other executive search firm. Our capacity to synergistically staff the entire media business affairs function is quite literal and firms utilizing Filcro Media Staffing receive unparalleled service. Law firms and broadcasters are serviced in every domestic and international media market. 

We offer a tun-key recruitment solution to establish, enhance or move the business affair function anywhere in the United States. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

 Media Recruiters for TV Reviews of Filcro Media Production and TV Development Executive Search FirmsTony Filson Review of Filcro Media Staffing Production and Development Executive Search Firms in the Broadcasting Industry

   TV and Digital Production
   Production and Development Executive Search



Filcro Media Staffing recruits a multitude of TV production executives on varied levels from Executive Vice Presidents to Executive Producers to Directors of Production Operations across every current media platform.  TV Production Recruitment Group Page


The firm’s capacity to assure that a succession plan is in place to avert the need to identify external creative management in the future is what we accomplish by replacing an incumbent or adding additional creative resources.

A Director of Production or Executive Producer or Vice President in Charge of Programming can have many similar strategic and tactical responsibilities based on the size of an organization.  The ideal is to identify production and development executives who fit culturally and creatively to enhance infrastructure that is productive in the current organization.

Filcro Media Staffing recruits for Children's Programming, News, Sports, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Business, Merchandising, Music, Reality, Educational and Broadband production and development environments. We also staff Motion Picture Studios, Syndicators, Public Radio, Public TV and Corporate production as well as all Broadcast and Cable TV Networks. Our recruitment experience and contacts within various production communities in New York, California, Canada, Chicago, DC, Hawaii and even the Middle East allows us to function with the same efficacy throughout the entire United States and overseas for our international clients.

Developing programming when the proper creative executives are in place is financially and creatively rewarding. With ancillary revenue streams and multi platform distribution to include On-Demand, broadband, wireless and satellite playing an even greater role towards the bottom line we attract talented production and development executives with the experience to facilitate programming, production and development goals across multiple platforms. Our clients enjoy a collaborative environment dedicated to the search process where business, technical and creative considerations are always maintained.

Filcro Media Staffing facilitates production and development environments that create award winning, highly profitable content.  If your organization is a major international broadcaster, regional or digital network our search process will provide access to talent that would not be available otherwise. example 1; example 2.  For editorial content and searches associated with Editor-in-Chief or Editor-in-Charge across digital and print platforms please see these references.   For Tony Filson OIC Roster - For SAG, AFTRA, AFM, ASCAP licensing and talent payment.

Tony Filson Media Recruiters for On and Off Air Post Production Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Case Histories On and off air Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry   On and Off Air -
   Post Production Recruitment and Executive Search


Filcro Media Staffing’s many years of TV broadcasting and motion picture recruitment experience has taught us that more coffee and sandwich plates are allocated to this area than any other. Filcro Media Staffing understands the capabilities of equipment and the ramifications of matching the right management and editors to your equipment, genre, culture and budget.  Media Post Production Recruitment Group Page.


Technology and techniques change rapidly in post production and numerous generations of equipment stand side by side in some organizations. Changes in software, HD and collateral usage of materials for off-air applications like broadband, On Demand, mobile  and DVD distribution put ever-increasing demands on your post production employees, equipment and software.  With enhanced CODEC development materials are now re-purposed successfully more than ever.  Elephants can now fit through straws. The talented media executives and editors that can transform and monetize a 90 minute product suitable for 30 minute or 2 minute assimilation are talented and highly desired in today's market.

Post production environments are dependent on talented editors and technologists that facilitate long and short-form standards for coloration, special effects, audio, conversion, standardization and distribution. Filcro Media Staffing has an intimate understanding and relationships with the motion picture studios, TV networks, advertising agencies, production houses and post production facilities and independents where some of the most talented post production editors and technologists reside.

Our understanding of business, creative and technical issues surrounding broadcast, advertising agency, broadband and motion picture post-production enhance Filcro Media Staffing’s identification and attraction capabilities to assure that your firm has exceptionally talented professionals in an expeditious manner. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Filcro Recruiters Tony Filson Staffing Media Recruiters for Interactive Broadband Mobile and OEM Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing E-commerce Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry Filcro Media StaffingInteractive, Broadband, Mobile, Gaming & OEM
Business, Technical and Creative Recruitment


Filcro Media Staffing understands the tactical and strategic requirements to integrate On-Air, On-Line, Mobile, OEM, Print, Multicast and DOOH Place Based media properties. 2015-16 will require clients to be proactive now with OEM  to remain competitive until OEM is monetized as a viable part of mainstream agency and direct client planning. Media Interactive, Mobile, Broadband and OEM Recruitment Group Page.


The firm has identified varied levels of executives, experience compilations and skill sets required to assure the interoperability and monetization of coupled, stand-alone and multicast multiplex digital media properties.

Filcro Media Staffing projects greater returns for those who retain Filcro Media Staffing and create increased cross platform accessibility by mutiplexing and multicasting to their audiences and enabling verifiable accountability to their clients and advertising agencies through enhanced digital media metrics and analytics by primary source assimilation.

Filcro Media Staffing is recommending that the clients of our firm lower future employment costs by eliminating redundancy by centralizing resources that are cross-platform functional and take the same approach to succession planning.


Opportunities still exist to attract assets below what the market will demand in the coming year due to current conditions. We suggest that clients position themselves for growth in the 2nd quarter of the coming year.

As compensation becomes more relative to revenue in these business groups many media entities will be vying for a smaller pool of staff due to dilution across multiple media platforms; it is increasingly important that clients position their long term interests while the market still offers value. Attraction and retention will require great financial resources beyond the dates we note.

Sales Operations, Sales Planning, Advertising Sales, Product Sales, Traffic, Inventory, Production, Post Production, Operations, Marketing, Affiliate Relations, Digital Ad Networks and Financial Reporting will need to make the required changes to keep pace with demand or lose market share at an accelerated rate.

Media firms who are not traditional broadcasters but aredeveloping interactive products for online distribution and marketing, gaming, music and social networking will find that enhanced skill sets are required to keep pace with technology and production standards on the platforms they will be competing on.

Filcro Media Staffing identifies, recruits and attracts convergent media executives who facilitate digital business goals tactically and strategically.  Searches are conducted for regional, national and international markets. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Client & Creative Services

Filcro Media Staffing identifies client and creative services executives across multiple stand alone and integrated media platforms. Media Client and Creative Services Recruitment Group Page.


We identify and attract employees who accommodate the in-house provisioning of traditional advertising agency based services for greater creative control. 

Our firm is capable of identifying, screening, recruiting and attracting client and creative services professionals in every major media market in the United States.

The seamless integration of on-air, on line and wireless advertising proposals is a process that requires special talent.  Filcro Media Staffing has the resources, presence, industry contacts and aggressive recruitment modality that has proven efficacy in attracting these professionals. For Tony Filson OIC Roster

Filcro Recruiters Tony Filson Staffing Media Recruiters for Interactive Broadband Mobile and OEM Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing Sales Planning Executive Search in the Broadcasting Industry  News, Journalism and NGO Press Services
  Television, Radio, Online, Print and Mobile

Filcro Media Staffing since 1985 has been a trusted and reliable source to recruit news professionals all over the world.

FIlcro Media Staffing can staff an entire newsroom, broadcast studio, news network or news bureau.

From New York to Washington, DC and Kabul - MENA to Prague - EU, Filcro Media Staffing has recruited exceptional leadership and news personnel with noted journalistic standards, who have made significant contributions as journalists and news business leaders.

Recruited are TV, Radio, Print, Online, OTT and Mobile Media News Professionals.

Here are a few examples of news related executive searches:


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