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Welcome to Filcro Media Staffing’s “FAQfrequently asked questions page. 

If you require addition information, please feel free to e-mail us, using this link.


Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Mobile Media

Filcro Media FAQ Page for Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Cable TV Networks

Filcro Media Staffing FAQ's for TV Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for TV Networks

FAQ Executive Search Firms Reviews That Recruit Media Executives for Radio Networks

FAQ's for Filcro Media Staffing a Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for Online Media

FAQ'a for Filcro Media Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for OOH Electronic Play Station and Roku Media

Executive Search Firms That Recruit Media Executives for International, National, Regional and Local Media Markets


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How can I submit a resume to Filcro Media Staffing?

  1. By utilizing a resume submission link, noted in a current executive search
  2. By submitting an unsolicited resume in accordance with these guidelines


Do I need to submit more than one resume?

You only need to submit (1) one resume if you are applying for multiple positions.  A research associate or the officer in charge of search who reviews your resume will cross reference it in the appropriate search group(s).


Will Filcro Media Staffing look for a job for me?

  • Filcro Media Staffing is a retained executive search firm. 
  • The firm is retained to represent the employer's interests and business goals.
  • It would be a conflict of interest, to represent a candidate or “look for a job” for a candidate.
  • Filcro Media Staffing dose not look for jobs for candidates.

To submit an unsolicited resume, for a current or future search, media executives should follow these guidelines.  Thank you


What U.S. and Global markets, geographically, does Filcro Media Staffing recruit within?

Filcro Media Staffing recruits for all 200 U.S. DMA’s.  The geographics listed below represent the primaries for stations, station groups or Network O&O’s, cable nets, advertising agencies and digital publishers and producers.  For advertising sales Filcro Media Staffing utilizes East Coast, Midwest, West Coast nomenclature with the exception of Ohio for CPG and Detroit for Automotive as they fall to different definitions based on the individual media sales organization.

United States

California - CA
Colorado - CO
Connecticut - CT
Florida - FL
Georgia - GA
Illinois - IL
Iowa - IA
Maryland - MD
Massachusetts - MA
Michigan - MI
Minnesota - MN
Nevada - NV
New Jersey - NJ
New York - NY
North Carolina - NC

Texas - TX
Virginia - VA

Washington - WA
Washington, D.C. - WDC

U.S. Virgin Islands
St. Thomas

Sub Sahara
North Africa

United Kingdom
England - London

Latin America


Hong Kong

Czech Republic - Prague
France - Paris
Spain - Madrid


Middle East
Turkey - Istanbul
UAE - Dubai
Egypt - Saudi - Iraq - Kuwait



How do we contact Filcro Media Staffing to recruit for our firm?

Employers can utilize this PC link for terms and conditions and to contact Tony Filson for search initiation or information.  Mobile phone link or by emailing or calling 212-599-0909.


What media platforms, producers, broadcasters and technologists does Filcro Media Staffing recruit for?

  • Broadcast TV - Networks, Stations, Station Groups, O&O’s
  • Cable TV Networks - Single and Multiplex
  • Radio Networks and Digital Radio
  • Producers of Creative Content for Small and Large Screen
  • OTT Broadcasters
  • MSO Companies
  • Satellite Broadcasters
  • Digital Publishers
  • Mobile
  • Online / Broadband
  • DOOH / OOH
  • OEM
  • All Music Platforms
  • Print Publishers in conjunction with ancillary media
  • Technology Companies That Service and Sell to All of The Above


What types of media companies and media interests does Filcro Media Staffing recruit for?

Filcro Media Staffing recruits for diverse TV/Radio/Digital broadcasters, multinational media and entertainment conglomerates, media technology companies, MSO operators, music companies, advertising agencies, sports teams and leagues, independent producers, studios, news organizations, the Fortune 50-500 with internal media interests, PEG markets, NGO’s and governments. And the technology companies that service and sell to all of the above.


Is there a mobile phone compatible site for android and IOS platforms?

If you are having trouble viewing this site, please utilize this link


Does Filcro Media Staffing recruit for consulting assignments?

Filcro Media Staffing recruits full-time permanent staff only, unless we are aligned with project that has retained the firm for set business goals


Where are Filcro Media Staffing’s executive offices?

Filcro Media Staffing
295 Madison Avenue | New York, NY  10017


Are different services offered in Silicon Valley vs. New York?

Silicon Valley also services Asia, West Coast, Midwest and East Coast with the same efficacy New York.  It’s more of a team effort.  There are technology, entertainment, electronics and foreign automotive weightings based purely on geographics. Clients brining services CONUS will find the firm capable of identifying domestic talent with equal efficacy anywhere in the United States.


What are the primary types of jobs Filcro Media Staffing recruits for?

Filcro Media Staffing is noted for media sales, technology, business and creative recruitment since 1985. Because the firm recruits so many sales and technology executives, many people just think of these media recruitment practices.  The firm is broad and diverse.  “We Are Media”  To better understand the scope of the firm’s recruitment experience please view our practice groups.


What level of executive does Filcro Media Staffing recruit?

Filcro Media Staffing recruits for C level, President, E/S/Vice President, Director, Manager and every technical, business and creative level of staff and leadership in the media, broadcasting and entertainment industries.  Please view our case histories.  We are here to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the level of job or geographic location.  As a simple rule, clients come to us for honed, experienced personnel that have specific experience to me their business goals.  We do not place or recruit entry-level personnel, those seeking internships or training to transition. We are a specialized recruitment firm devoted to the media and broadcasting industries.


What if I want to relocate?

Filcro Media Staffing is constantly relocating media executives throughout the entire United States.  Since 1985 we have facilitated smooth transitions for executives and their families.  Personal and professional catalysts bring many searches to fruition based on a desire or need to relocate.   Internationally, Filcro Media Staffing relocates executives to and from US, LATAM, MENA, ASIA, AFRICA and EU markets.   


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