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Since 1985, Filcro Media Staffing has been recruiting a broad spectrum of news and journalistic leadership for domestic and international news organizations.

TV, radio and online news broadcasters utilize Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment capabilities to identify and attract every level of personnel required to build, manage, monetize and operate local, regional, national and international news assimilation and dissemination in multiple languages.


Serving major TV and radio broadcast networks, cable networks, public sector news organizations, digital news producers, OTT, station groups, stations, news bureaus, NGO’s and governments; Filcro Media Staffing offers comprehensive recruitment solutions for the world's largest and smallest news entities.

From the President of News, News Director,  Bureau Chief, Executive Producer, EIC, ENG Engineer, Copy or Assignment Editors to Guest Producer, Filcro Media Staffing has the specialized recruitment experience required to make the executive search process a positive one for everyone involved.  Even the Fortune 50 utilize the firm for their internal news and corporate communications needs.

Across all 200 US DMA’s for Networks, Stations and Digital Producers to remote newsrooms in Prague, Kabul or Mexico City, Filcro Media Staffing leads the industry in experience and efficacy whenever and wherever honed news and journalistic personnel are needed.

Filcro Media Staffing completes assignments with expediency.  The process can start in 24 hours in domestic or global markets. It starts with a phone call.

It’s what we do, and do well, since 1985.

Below are few selected news and journalism related executive search case histories available to the public.  They offer traditional OTA TV, OTT TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Radio OTA & Digital, Corporate News & Communications, News Technology, local, regional, national and international for all.  Station, Station Group & Network overviews. Where broadcast technology is shared, news, sports and entertainment responsibilities are also listed.  

Executive Director / GM - Global News Organization
Executive Producer - Global News Organization
Editor-in-Chief - U.S. Financial News
News Director - Top US DMA - News Director
News Anchor / Producer - Global News Organization
Senior Producer - Global News Organization
Senior Producer - Domestic & Int’l Corp. Communications
VP - Global News & Corporate Communications
GM - Domestic Broadcaster - Local & Mexico News
GM - International Broadcaster - Local News
CTO - TV Network - Responsible for Network News
Director - TV Network News Global Distribution
Chief Engineer - TV Network News


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News Directors & GM’s

Filcro Media Staffing has always had special relationships with News Directors and GM’s since the firm’s founding.  Across America, in all 200+ DMAs for TV Networks, Station Groups, Stations and Global News Organizations, Filcro Media Staffing has maintained an open door policy that allows the firm to intimately understand a News Director's or GM’s needs to make career transitions or News Organization improvements, no matter the market.  

Today’s newsrooms and news bureaus run more efficiently than ever before.   Higher productivity, shared resources, technology, cross-platform monetization and enhanced distribution have created intimate environments where honed leadership is essential in highly competitive markets.

The talented News Directors, GM’s and Network News Executives who manage these news organizations are clients, candidates and friends of Filcro Media Staffing.  For critical broadcasting industry needs that bring business goals to fruition,  the firm guarantees performance with expediency globally, in a cost effective and discreet manner.

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