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Multinational Media and Entertainment Conglomerate
Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Film, Digital Media, Entertainment, Publishing,
Consumer Products, DOOH & Amusement Venues

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National Director
TV Network Online & Mobile
Advertising Sales



Search Firm of Record - Filcro Media Staffing - New York, NY
Officer in Charge - Tony Filson - New York, NY
Based - New York, NY
Reporting to -
National Vice President Online Advertising Sales - New York, NY

Client Profile

Division of a U.S. multinational media and entertainment conglomerate in the Music & Entertainment space.  The brand at the time of engagement was at approximately 600 million USD.  Primary 18 - 24 skewing to a 18 - 34 demographic.  This group in a division of a 40+ billion USD concern.

Search   NDOAS - National Director Online Advertising Sales

Client situation

The National Vice President of Online Advertising Sales had setup sales offices in NY, CA, IL and MI utilizing Filcro Media Staffing and was now seeking an additional layer of sales leadership in a honed National Director to function with autonomy in New York to manage all front and back office.

The VP could take greater strategic control of sales through this hire to enhance tactical execution and partnership with On-Air Advertising Sales. 

The formalization of staff sales training and development programs, traffic, digital agency relations and ideation for client and creative services would all be accommodated through this hire.

Filcro Media Staffing is Retained.

Tony Filson CEO Filcro Media Staffing Review of Executive Search ReviewsThe Filcro Media Staffing Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) Tony Filson  worked directly with the Vice President to establish his priorities with regard to markets, budgets, employee development,  workflow, media technology and budget goals by business vertical and geographic.

Filcro Media Staffing with extensive experience recruiting within this space was able to compile a search universe in a relatively brief period of time. 

Recruitment resources of Filcro Media Staffing were drawn from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to assure that the universe of final sales candidates was indeed from a comprehensive national pool of digital sales executives adapt at cross-platform TV, Online and Mobile monetization.

Specific genre considerations with the brand were of importance to the Vice President and COO of this entertainment group.  Filcro Media Staffing kept a clear focus on sales management acumen but took every opportunity to identify those who had a particular affinity to the brand and genre in this unique entertainment and business culture.

The online group has recently formalized plans for synergistic client services, creative services, traffic and inventory systems to offer clients, agencies and internal sister companies information across three media platforms, which Filcro Media Staffing had also staffed.  This gave Filcro Media Staffing a distinct advantage to identify “capacity” and “strategic” acumen within the new Director.  Particular internal sensitivities with the Television and Motion Picture Groups would require a strong strategist who could gain internal as well as external consensus when initiating new programs for clients and agencies.

The Divisional Vice President and COO granted Filcro Media Staffing the autonomy required to creatively attract those that could function properly on a Director's level and ultimately grow to Vice President as the VP was promoted to Senior Vice President.  This was clearly a search that would facilitate revenue growth and a solid succession plan.

Basic Requirements for the National Director of Sales

Filcro Media Staffing Reviews of Tony Filson as officer in charge

  • Enhance revenue through direct sales to national advertisers, advertising agencies and digital networks in synergy with the TV Network's advertising sales staff and as a standalone digital entity across online and mobile platforms
  • Hire, mentor and manage national account executives based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Detroit
  • Act as Digital lead on cross platform deals with TV Network Group when  SVP, EVP and President of Network Sales presented to substantial clients and or their agencies.
  • Capacity to create and or identify convergent opportunities with advertisers that capitalize on the Interactive Property and the TV Network's desirable 18-34 demographic in a music and entertainment and genre
  • Interface with creative and client services teams to enhance product and channel offerings based on advertising opportunities by enhancing ideation to reflect cross-platform reach and efficacy.
  • Working with the VP to set realistic budgets for deals that were standalone on digital platforms utilizing an enhanced CMS system for online and mobile dissemination.

Some of the challenges facing the new Director

  • Client and Creative Services optimization through ideation and media metrics
  • Enhancing TV, Online and Mobile cross-platform relationships
  • Building Digital’s capacity to deliver for digital networks and partners
  • Guide other Directors in Traffic, Inventory and Planning across other internal media platforms as to the needs of Digital to enhance sales and the client / agency relationship from a service perspective
  • Work with TV Network counterparts in Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago to enhance digital programs for national advertisers, agencies and networks.
  • Hire and engage staff to perform and meet and exceed budgets established by the Vice President and President of Network Sales.

New Director Recruited

The new Director of  National Online Advertising Sales was identified in New York through our firm’s Chicago TV research team.  Key relationships with Filcro Media Staffing on Television and Digital platforms were able to verify the efficacy of this executives management style allowing Filcro Media Staffing to bring him forward as a candidate.

The new National Director met with the (OIC) Tony Filson initially in New York and he scored exceptionally high on his Capacity Profile.  The OIC commented “The executive exhibits a rare capacity to conceptualize and more importantly execute cross-platform programs that increased budget consistently”.  His capacity was key for this search as succession planning was one of Filcro Media Staffing’s primary goals.  The National Director o Sales also had a proven record of building and developing national sales staffs across multiple media platforms.  He was a noted mentor and greatly respected by those who worked for him.

The VP and COO both embraced this executive on personal and professional levels with great confidence knowing that the autonomy he was about to be granted would allow him to flourish. 

The new National Director has proven to be a vital asset to the TV and Digital Networks budget gaols and the organizations successful succession plan.

Filcro Media Staffing and the client company are exceptionally pleased with the outstanding performance of this talented national digital sales executive .He has met or exceeded every goal placed before him and strategically conceptualized and executed on a level befitting a Director destined to be a Vice President of National Advertising Sales for a $600 million USD media and entertainment brand.

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