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Ratings, Analytics, Metrics, Modeling, Data Reporting, Forecasting, Data Visualization & Extraction for Primary and Secondary Data


Filcro Media Staffing recruits research analysts, mid-management and senior leadership for all primary and secondary assimilation, extraction, analysis and reporting for media ratings and usage.

Research professionals are recruited for the management of primary and secondary ratings analysis as well as the  formulation of comparative modalities with media metrics such as Nielsen C3/C7 to augment primary data.

The firm’s clients incorporate various OTA, OTT, Cable Net, MSO, Mobile, Social Networking, Broadband, DOOH, STB/DVR playback and multi-screen usage data.  Filcro Media Staffing recruits for each individual platform and or their associated assimilation and dissemination across multiple platforms.

This firm recruits tactical and strategic media research staff globally for US, LATAM, MENA, EU and ASIA. 

U.S. markets are recruited for with exceptional nuance by DMA, Region, Industry, Vertical, Demographic, Genre and or Media Platform.

Media platform specific research executives are recruited for: client services, sales, sales planning, marketing and ratings analysis.  Broadcasters, programmers, syndicators, digital publishers, rating analysis companies, advertising agencies, PEG markets, social networking and the Fortune 50-500 are clients of the company.

For Industry specific recruitment assignments automotive, beverage, adult beverage, travel, leisure, sports, music, entertainment, gaming, electronics, QSR, CPG, Pharma, financial services, professional services, social networking, apparel and DR are all recruited for with data utilized for all  B2B, B2C and C2C metrics.

Rapid identification, recruitment and attraction is provided in primary markets in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington/VA/MD and Los Angeles with greatest frequency, as well as markets outside of these areas.

For the recruitment of systems engineering, IT and programming staff to facilitate technical data assimilation and dissemination for STB, OD, OTT, Mobile and Online interactive platforms outside of traditional C3/C7” or to provision in-house resources and vendor relationships please refer to our Technology Group to recruit those to setup and manage research systems and software.


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