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A Filcro Media Staffing Case History
Tony Filson reporting to the Vice President of Human Resources (VPHR)


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CBS is a leading global diversified media and entertainment conglomerate producing and disseminating across multiple media platforms.  Known as one of America's finest employers devoted to comprehensive employee development CBS is respected for a tradition of corporate excellence and philanthropically supporting the many communities it serves.

CBS Corporation (CBS Corp.) is a mass media company with operations in  Television, Radio, Outdoor and Publishing segments. The Television segment  consists of CBS Television, which includes CBS Television Network, CBS Paramount  Network Television and CBS Television Distribution, Showtime Networks and CSTV  College Sports Television. The Radio segment owns and operates 140 radio  stations in 30 United States markets through CBS Radio. The Outdoor segment  displays advertising on media, including billboards, transit shelters, buses,  rail systems (in-car, station platforms and terminals), mall kiosks and stadium  signage through CBS Outdoor, and in retail stores through CBS Outernet. The  Publishing segment consists of Simon & Schuster, which publishes and  distributes consumer books under imprints, such as Simon & Schuster, Pocket  Books, Scribner and Free Press as the Company completed the  acquisition of CNET Networks, Inc.


Director Human Resources - New York City, NY - USA.

Client Situation

The Vice President of Human Resources was seeking an addition to staff based on a distinct need to service a growing and diverse media population across multiple verticals and business units.

CBS is known for having outstanding human resource policies and leadership devoted to the needs of a diverse and sophisticated media and entertainment population.  It was important during this search to identify a Director of Human Resources who could be effective with broad media constituencies and cultures in the company's business, technical and creative groups.

The advent of CBS leading across multiple media platforms required distinct synergies of internal clients requiring sophisticated talent acquisition and retention modality to maintain CBS as the leading provider of quality content in The United States and international markets.

Industry and Sector inclusion for Universe Compilation

  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television Networks
  • Digital Media Networks
  • Motion Picture Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Technology and Media Conglomerates
  • Selected Fortune 500 - 1000


Filcro Media Staffing proceeded to Identify Human Resource professionals with specific broadcasting experience in organizations that mirrored The Networks’ structure, business units, technology, populations and cultures.

Directly recruiting from the identified media HR targets was the only modality that proved effective.  Conventional awareness through print and Internet sources was not effective.  The Human Resource professionals we were seeking were currently employed and happy in their current positions.  Aggressively targeting a well researched media HR universe ultimately brought this search to fruition.

Having a long standing relationship with CBS, Filcro Media Staffing utilized a professional relationship with a former CBS employee to ultimately identify the ideal Director of Human Resources.

Successful Director of Human Resources Recruited

A former Manager of Broadcast Network TV Human Resources who was currently in a large multinational consumer products company was identified and hired by the Vice President of Human Resources.  The compilation of Network TV and Fortune 500 Human Resources experience lent well to initiating new HR practices while providing sensitivity to existing HR practices and cultures. Filcro Media Staffing was quick to capitalize on identification by expediting Filcro’s internal process and that of CBS to assure that the Network could attract the new Director.


The Human Resource executive was successfully attracted in New York and did not require relocation.

The new Director of Human Resources has proven to be a valuable addition to staff and made a smooth transition to service a diverse population of clients across all business units and media platforms.

Filcro Media Staffing’s intimate knowledge of the broadcasting industry and over 25 years of exposure to broadcasting Human Resource ultimately led to the successful completion of this search assignment.  It was a privilege to fill this executive search assignment. The new Director of Human Resources recruited and the Vice President we reported into are both people we respect personally and professionally.

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