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Filcro Media Staffing offers a focused understanding of the business, technical and creative functions relevant to the broadcasting industry.

We encourage those seeking the firm's guidance to browse through the various practice groups corresponding to their recruitment needs. These areas should be viewed as single or combined skill set groups essential to a broadcasting executive's capacity to function with autonomy on tactical and strategic levels..

Clients wishing to observe the modality of the firm's recruitment methodologies can also view corresponding case histories to confirm efficacy.

For a majority of searches a compilation of appropriate search groups are utilized based on the structure of the client company and the required tactical and strategic responsibilities of the desired executive.  We encourage clients to pose questions pertaining to our practice areas when garnering an understanding of the firm’s broadcasting recruitment acumen. 

A firm’s culture, reporting matrixes, business goals and markets are factors utilized in concert with hard and soft skill assessment during identification, recruitment, screening, attraction and retention.

Advertising sales in Broadcasting - Cable & Network - Executive SearchLocal, Regional and National Advertising Sales 

Filcro Media Staffing provides national and regional identification of Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers of advertising sales. Our searches are conducted in every major media market in the United States to include category, geographic and media platform specific searches. Through our New York City offices we have the capacity to install a complete national, regional or local ad sales force and their required sales support service structure anywhere in the United States. Traditional broadcasting advertising sales, place based, direct response and interactive online digital environments are supported. 

When identifying one key sales executive or an entire national sales force our firm utilizes proven methodologies when recruiting advertising sales executives.  A well honed "Harvard Profile" combined with over twenty years of broadcasting industry recruitment acumen assures proper and timely identification. Hard and soft skill sets are analyzed on inherent and environmental levels to determine future capacity.  Cultural, strategic, tactical and reporting matrixes are all taken into consideration from the onset of each search. 

Filcro Media Staffing offers a SEIT reporting system to national clients.  This exclusive tool allows our clients to intimately participate in the search process regardless of geographic location.  Our search ecology reporting methodologies are simple to use, yet sophisticated and highly effective when following the progress of each search.  Deliverables are provided at the convenience and cadence of each client through simple access to the internet.  Hiring managers can view each sourced candidate in real-time, regardless of geographics.

At Filcro Media Staffing we start with a complete understanding of your current markets - local, regional national or international.  A Network or media company’s penetration, SUBS, DMA's, category specific verticals, geographic development, change management and desired best practices are examples of areas reviewed to determine goals that will be accomplished by the identification of the new sales executive.  We relate current budget to an "ideal" and identify the sales executive(s) with the proper management skills, clients, agency contacts and industry experience to facilitate the growth of your budget(s). 

When confidential change is of primary consideration to facilitate a positive impact on an entire local, regional or national sales force, Filcro Media Staffing provides the media knowledge and search experience required. Developing and mentoring sales staff, sales training, ad sales services integration, new business development, technology considerations, budget development, traffic, inventory, cross-platform and interactive online integration, direct response, EDI, sales planning, research, programming and affiliate issues are all taken into consideration, when relevant, to identify the proper executive. 

When Filcro Media Staffing identifies an advertising sales executive, they are uniquely qualified. We enhance revenue and impact positive changes from a tactical and strategic perspective by utilizing recruitment methodologies that are specific to the media and broadcasting industry. 

Network, Cable, Satellite, Online and Interactive local, regional and national broadcast advertising sales executives are identified by this recruitment group. To browse through a media and broadcasting advertising sales executive search case histories, please utilize this link.

Broadcast Operations & Engineering technology executive searchBroadcasting TechnologyTechnologies - Broadcast Operations & Engineering Management 

Media and Broadcast Distribution, Facilities, Engineering and Emerging Technologies. 

Filcro Media Staffing identifies media and broadcasting technology executives with broad strategic, organizational, change management, distribution, production and maintenance responsibilities. 

BOE, BOC, NOC, ENG, OD, MPEG(x), Multi-Plex, INFOSEC, HITS, NDC, RF, HD, D-Radio (IBOC), fiber, robotic, interactive tech 1-2-3, ISP/Telco/Telecom Network Integration and all VoCM, VoP, RTP, VOFR, ATM, VTOA  are some of the areas we have recruited within. 

All terrestrial, cable, satellite and digital platforms are supported for identification.

With the growing influence of IT facilitating the efficacy of convergence; telecommunications and broadcasting interests are moving together and experiencing similar benefits from implementing change management. Filcro Media Staffing as a broadcasting executive search firm understands technology and technology people from a tactical and strategic perspective. Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and CXO level executives are identified with the appropriate experience, acumen and skills. Our commitment to "best practices" in this group and our ability to identify executives when "change management" is essential in sophisticated technology environments, is proven. example 1 - example 2

Filcro Media Staffing maintains up to date information from organizations like SONY, Panasonic, GE, Harris, Scientific Atlanta, Lucent, Cisco, RCA, TRW, Pioneer, Philips, Motorola / GI and others to establish our own internal guidelines for hard skill sets, for each technical search.  When we identify a CEO, Senior Vice President of Network Broadcast Operations or a Director of Network Distribution and New Technology for a Multi-Plex, single network or their integrated 2.0 compliant web property, Filcro Media Staffing assures that that individual's skills and business capabilities are everything they should be now and going forward.

Every search in this practice group is conducted by an Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with a minimum of 15 years of technical recruitment experience who is also a former Satellite, MSO or Network executive with extensive industry knowledge related to a client’s needs.  Theoretical and practical knowledge of current and future MSO / Network distribution, fiber, digital, SAT and RF technologies facilitates rapid identification of talented technical employees in every media market in the United States or OCUNUS.  The firm stays up to date with legislative and technical FCC mandates for HD and spectrum license allocations including wireless for private/public applications and emerging BPL technology. COMSEC and INFOSEC searches are assigned to the appropriate search executive based on the nature of the organization. 

From initial build-out to recovery to operations to integrating legacy platforms with digital properties and accommodating technological growth, Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive broadcasting and media executive search firm CONUS or OCONUS.

Human Resource Management in the Broadcasting IndustryHuman Resources 

Filcro Media Staffing identifies specialized human resource professionals from union, non-union and hybrid environments within broadcasting, media and technology related environments.  Our understanding of the human resource function and the unique issues surrounding identification and retention are a great asset within this practice group.  Our knowledge of the specific skills, sophistication and experience required to formulate, implement or change human resource practices is enhanced by our cultural understanding of an organization and the industry as a whole.    Vice Presidents, Directors & Managers are identified in this search group.

Human resource recruitment is provided throughout the entire United States from our New York City offices.

When our firm participates in senior most HR searches relevant to Change Management, Best Practices, Diversity Initiatives and Succession Planning, our O&D charting of targeted corporate environments is extremely valuable.

HR Hard Skill Sets
  • Recruitment
  • Succession Planning
  • O & D 
  • Employee Relations
  • OSHA & Safety Practices
  • Best Practices
  • Incentive Plans
  • Employee & Facility Security
  • Union & Labor Relations
  • Compensation
  • Health & Welfare
  • EAP & FAP
  • Industrial Relations
  • Change Management
  • Diversity Practices
  • Expatriate & International HR 
  • Non Defined & Defined Benefits
  • Work & Family
  • Pension
  • HRIS Management 
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Government & Legislative
  • HR Legal Affairs
  • Training & Development
  • For those who enjoy human resource executive search case histories.

    Real Estate, Facilities & SecurityReal Estate, Facility Management and Security

    Most broadcast, media and communication facilities including their executive offices require special design, build out, maintenance, and security considerations. 

    Filcro Media Staffing has extensive knowledge and experience staffing the senior most real estate and facilities executives and their respective reporting lines in charge of corporate global real estate, facilities, operations and maintenance. 

    From lease management and the negotiation of real estate holdings to corporate purchasing and the divestiture of real estate assets, our firm offers a unique and valuable perspective that allows us to identify exceptionally capable media real estate executives anywhere in the United States or OCUNUS with the proper industry histories.

    Government broadcast and communication facilities and their associated interests should view our sensitive and hardened site executive identification capabilities.

    EDI and Traffic recruitment issues in the Broadcasting IndustryEDI, Traffic, Inventory

    Sales, Sales Planning and Traffic could be considered the central nervous system of any broadcast network. Filcro Media Staffing identifies EDI & Traffic personnel in every media market in the United States. Our identification capabilities facilitate EDI & Traffic goals from a technical, strategic and tactical perspective. 

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies EDI & Traffic employees in a multitude of legacy and digital broadcasting environments that utilize diverse systems and software.  We assure that Sales, Sales Planning, Programming, Inventory and Traffic work in synergy internally and externally by identifying the proper executive to facilitate these goals. 

    Few networks have exactly identical EDI & Traffic systems in place. Filcro Media Staffing's comprehension of Traffic & EDI and the key dependent departments that they interact with, make the firm ideally suited to perform these searches. Filcro Media Staffing capacity to review facilities, personnel, hardware and software to assure proper identification is a clear advantage to any broadcaster during the search process. example 1 - example 2

    Equipment and vendor links

    Television Programming - Closed Captioning Executive SearchProgram Practices & Closed Captioning

    Filcro Media Staffing has had the privilege of working with some of the most talented program practices executives in the broadcasting industry. Identifying editors, closed captioning and exceptional editorial personnel in this area has been very satisfying for everyone here at Filcro.   Our firm has been honored to watch those who are true wordsmiths flourish under the guidance of noted mentors. 

    Our recruitment experience for Major Broadcasting and Cable TV Networks has been within every discipline associated with the assimilation, editorial review, dissemination and promotion of this environment. 

    With new mandates from the FCC and increased revenue opportunities from digital TV, library repackaging, educational programming, PSA’s, reality / live programming and international marketing of domestic product, this is an extremely dynamic environment that offers strategic positioning and synergies on many levels. 

    Searches are conducted for MSO, Cable, Broadcast Network, Satellite and Digital broadcasters

    Accounting, Audit & Finance in the Broadcasting Industry search firmsAccounting, Audit, Finance and Investor Relations
    There are a multitude of reporting and overview functions the firm staffs within this recruitment group. Every competent CXO recognizes the positive ramifications of superior accounting and financial practices by talented financial executives. 

    At Filcro Media Staffing we identify key accounting, finance, controller, audit, treasury, M&A, SOX and investor relations executives from within and without of the broadcasting, motion picture, production, public accounting, audit, technology and media communities. 

    Our firm's global understanding and recruitment experience within the media and broadcasting industries facilitates the proper identification of the soft and hard skills that are essential requirements for senior financial executives. The unique group of financial skill sets required for a CXO or line management are diligently reviewed during the recruitment phase to identify key tactical and strategic attributes obtained through broadcasting and or media exposure on business, technical and creative levels. 

    As diverse as “Production Cost Accounting” is from “Corporate Treasury”  there are numerous unique accounting and financial practices that are essential to planning, optimizing, monitoring, auditing and reporting in our industry. 

    Given the diverse global financial structures and reporting matrixes of every media company, financial searches are extremely interesting to conduct and we welcome the unique challenges associated with each firm’s culture, business model and strategic financial initiatives. example

    Marketing within the Broadcasting IndustryMarketing 

    Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment practices are devoted to the media and broadcasting industry.  This core specialization greatly enhances an organization’s capacity to identify executives with acumen directly related to marketing functions on multiple media and broadcast platforms. 

    Diverse broadcast synergies driving successful marketing initiatives require executives with unusual resourcefulness that understand nuance and strategic positioning when driving sales, distribution, brand awareness, affiliate relations, programming or a multitude of other areas across many platforms simultaneously .

    At Filcro Media Staffing we understand related Network, digital, telco, MSO, radio, print, music, multimedia, direct response, affiliate, satellite and related advertising issues and we use this knowledge to our client’s advantage.

    Broadcasters seeking the enhancement or development of additional revenue streams from their core or ancillary businesses will appreciate the understanding the firm brings forward during the identification, recruitment and attraction of talented tactical and strategic media marketing executives. example

    Corporate Communications

    Public Relations and Corporate Communication searches are conducted on a multitude of levels.

    The firm has staffed talented writers, heads of corporate philanthropy and even shareholder relation executives. Each client’s corporate and public relations function is different contingent upon the size and centralization of these functions. Every culture has distinct needs and the compilation of Filcro Media Staffing’s recruitment experience in the broadcasting industry is a clear benefit and advantage to those utilizing the firm.

    The effective conveyance of corporate, financial, entertainment and philanthropic information to the public, shareholders, clients, industry or government entities are all functions and skill sets with related media and broadcasting experience we identify and attract.

    Broadcasting Affiliate Relations and Affiliate Sales Executive SearchAffiliate Sales, Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Relations

    The affiliate market is exceptionally competitive and the dynamics of every network’s affiliate relationships are constantly changing. Identifying the proper people to represent and promote your network to the industry's key decision makers is essential to any organizations distribution and balance sheet.  Affiliate sales, affiliate relations and affiliate marketing executives are recruited within this group with strong tactical and strategic capabilities.

    At Filcro Media Staffing we draw upon our broadcasting executive search experience in multiple environments (MSO, Network, Cable & Sat) to attract talented affiliate sales, marketing and affiliate relations executives who have the capacity to professionally convey your message and enhance your relationship at the same time. Filcro Media Staffing was established in 1985 and since then we are still one of the few broadcasting executive search firms that can arrange rapid and confidential client-candidate “affiliate” introductions anywhere in the United States.

    Affiliate relations, affiliate sales and affiliate marketing personnel on the Manager, Director and various Vice Presidential levels are identified within this group. Network, Affiliate, Cable, MSO and Satellite firms are all O&D charted to assure rapid identification of “non-apparent” affiliate executives to assure that each client has an opportunity to meet with the most talented and successful affiliate executives “in or out” of the job market. example

    HDTV - Broadcasting Executive Search - DigitalBroadband, Wireless, Digital, HD Integration and Development

    Filcro Media Staffing facilitates initial (build-out) development, integration, new revenue stream establishment and FCC mandated compliance. This environment is for those seeking proven executives from within traditional and digital media environments.

    Our ability to keep pace with technology, FCC mandates, spectrum allocation and legislative initiatives enables Filcro Media Staffing to play a vital role now and in the future to those who choose to successfully implement "convergence". Intelligent technology executives formulate many new delivery ideas but turning those ideas into a viable reality requires new skill sets or change management at times. Filcro Media Staffing's understanding of media technology is another benefit and advantage enjoyed by all our clients utilizing our executive search capabilities in all our practice groups. From CXO to Chief Engineer our firm is capable of discerning the proper experience and skills to manage people and systems with regard to current and future broadcasting technologies.

    Equipment and vendor links

    Television Programming and Development - Executive SearchProgramming
    Programming executives are identified nationally and internationally in this group with the proper acquisition, development, planning, production, co-production, scheduling, operations and budgeting acumen to attract the most desirable demographic for you, your advertisers and affiliates.

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies, recruits, qualifies and attracts programming executives with the talent and proven experience required to facilitate every creative, operational, business and technical function within a layered or lean programming environment.

    From single to multiplex networks for regional, national or global distribution we recruit and relocate programming executives within every media market in the United States and overseas.

    From News to Sports / Reality to Long Form / Business to Cultural Programming, Public and Private, Filcro Media Staffing identifies programming executives to facilitate programming goals taking into consideration the uniqueness of each genre, platform and Network. Case Histories

    TV Sales Planning,  Media Buying and Ratings Research - Executive SearchSales Planning Pricing and Media Buying

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies Senior Sales Planners, Sales Planning Directors and Vice Presidents with the proper experience to enhance planning, revenue management and sales reporting functions. We understand the hard analytic and soft people skills required to be successful.

    The success of planning is determined by their unique ability to assimilate and disseminate data in such a way that your sales executives, agencies and clients can establish the true value of your inventory.

    Traditional succession planning in the industry focused on Sales Planning to Account Executive progression and we now are migrating to establishing senior operational management roles for the specific purpose of supervising sales support staff, sales planners and their associated sales technology and reporting. This role adds stability and continuity to the way information is assimilated and disseminated providing a more productive sales environment for everyone. Each executive recruited is identified and screened from a technical, tactical and strategic perspective to assure any proposed succession planning is successful. example

    Research - Ratings, Marketing, Programming, Affiliate and Marketing

    All research to include, rating analysis, Nielsen Data, MSO - SUB (subscriber) usage assimilation and advertising research is identified by this group. Category and industry specific research executives for sales, planning and buying are staffed for broadcasters, programmers, syndicators, advertising agencies and consumer product companies. Category specific automobile, beverage, leisure, sports, entertainment, direct response (DR) and service sectors are all O&D charted. We provide developers and disseminators of media product with rapid identification of experienced professionals in all of the above research environments.

    For data assimilation on a technical level please refer to our Technology Group.

    Broadcast On-Air Promotions - Executive Search EnvironmentsOn-Air Promotion

    Fortunes are spent developing and acquiring programming and all too often a primary or desirable demographic still remains elusive. At Filcro Media Staffing we view On-Air Promotion as informative, enticing, exciting, stimulating and cutting edge eye and ear candy. Winning at PROMAX is only half the battle.

    Talented, Directors, Editors and Vice Presidents of On Air Promotion are all identified here. At Filcro Media Staffing we understand the OAP function and how important it is to drive new viewers through traditional and nontraditional synergistic cost effective broadcast methodologies. On and off air promotions are included within this recruitment environment and reels are maintained for all our clients to enjoy during the search process. Every search conducted in OAP is enhanced by Filcro Media Staffing’s understanding of the technical, business and creative acumen required in every broadcast function associated with OAP. Example

    Business and legal affairs in broadcastingLegal and Business Affairs

    Filcro Media Staffing recruits within the entire legal and business affairs function. Legal staff is identified in royalty, licensing, litigation, regulatory / SEC / government / FCC / legislative, real estate, copyright, compliance, co-pro, programming acquisition, corporate housekeeping and M&A disciplines. Searches are conducted by a skilled recruiter who is also an attorney functioning as Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with extensive media industry recruitment experience. Based on our understanding of business, technical and creative functions inherent to the media and entertainment industries we are uniquely capable of functioning in this capacity.

    Filcro Legal Staffing offers our clients services not offered by any other executive search firm. Our capacity to synergistically staff the entire business affairs function is quite literal and firms utilizing this search group are offered and receive unparalleled service.  Law firms and broadcasters are serviced in this group.

    Production & Development TV Executive Search ProgrammingProduction & Development

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies Directors of Production, Executive Producers and Vice Presidents in Charge of Programming, Production, Development and Operations.

    We staff Children's Programming, News, Sports, Comedy, Animation, Merchandising, Music, Reality, Educational and Broadband production and development environments. We also staff Public Radio, Public TV and Corporate production. Our recruitment experience and contacts within various production communities in New York, California, Canada, Chicago, Washington DC and even Hawaii, allow us to function with the same ease throughout the entire United States and overseas.

    Developing programming when the proper executives are in place is financially and creatively rewarding. With ancillary revenue streams and multi platform distribution to include On-Demand, broadband and satellite playing an even greater role towards the bottom line in broadcast TV, we know how to find and attract talented production and development executives with the experience to facilitate programming, production and development goals. Our clients enjoy a collaborative environment dedicated to the search process where business, technical and creative considerations are always maintained.

    At Filcro Media Staffing we understand the essential business skills, contacts and creative acumen required to facilitate viable product delivery at a major or regional network. With co-pro deals, international distribution, affiliate relations and cross platform usage playing an ever-increasing role, today's development executive must be exceptionally well rounded to "enhance" the business and creative process by developing and producing in a fiscally responsible manner. example

    For those who enjoy Development, Programming and Production case histories.

    Noted Programming 

    Arts Programming - STUDIO 360

    We would like to recognize Ms. Julie Burstein who is the Executive Producer of "Studio 360".   Congratulations on winning a well deserved Peabody.

    Ms. Burstein through her work with PRI and WNYC in New York City, has done an outstanding job of consistently developing and providing quality "Arts" programming that enriches the lives and stimulates the minds of a tremendously devoted national audience.  The wonderfully talented Kurt Anderson is the host of Studio 360 and we encourage everyone to listen, support and enjoy the show.

    Show Schedule: Airs on 93.9 FM and on AM 820 in New York.  You can also enjoy the show by using the 93.9 FM link provided here on our site.  Case History

    recruitment of executives for digital integration in the broadcasting industryE-Commerce, Broadband, Interactive and Wireless - Business, Technical & Creative Environments 

    Broadband, wireless, interactive and all digital “delivery, marketing, sales and development” of entertainment and information based product lines are facilitated in this group for current and future delivery platforms through our identification practices. 

    The interactive component of online advertising sales has been an important factor in driving convergence and contributing to the bottom line most recently. Broadcasters are realizing a gain of on-air and online revenue by offering a more convergent menu to clients and agencies. At Filcro Media Staffing we have identified every component required on the on-line side as we have on the broadcast side to assure that broadcasters have a turnkey solution for all business, technical and creative initiatives.

    In the coming year we expect again that interactive and wireless offerings will grow organically on a 20% to 30% basis and far outpace the growth of Terrestrial, Satellite and MSO systems.  As these platforms truly converge over the next 4-5 years, our firm feels that a more integrated approach to the development of product, operations, and sales will require change management to keep pace with consumer and client demand.

    In order for clients to lower their CAPEX and future employment costs we recommend that redundancy and succession planning be addressed now while opportunities abound to identify talented professionals well below what the market will demand in the coming years as compensation becomes more relative to revenue in these business groups. Sales Planning, Sales, Traffic, Inventory, Production, Marketing, Affiliate Relations, Financial Reporting and even the upfronts will all need to make changes to keep pace with growth and demand. 

    Media firms who are not traditional broadcasters but are developing retail interactive products for brick and mortar and online distribution, marketing and sales will find that enhanced skill sets are required to keep pace with technology and production standards on the platforms they will be competing on and with. Those in this group will find that production values and technology  will be most important in assuring that brand awareness is always associated with quality.

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies, recruits and attracts convergent media executives  who facilitate digital business goals as they contribute tactically and strategically. Print, broadcast, interactive and wireless standalone and convergent searches are facilitated CONUS and OCONUS.

    On and Off Air Post Production Broadcasting Executive Search

    On & Off Air - Post Production

    Our many years of broadcasting recruitment experience has taught us that more coffee and sandwich plates are allocated to this area than any other. Filcro Media Staffing understands the capabilities of equipment and the ramifications of matching the right management and editors to your equipment, genre and culture.

    Technology and techniques change rapidly in post and numerous generations of linear and nonlinear equipment stand side by side in some shops. Changes in software, HD and collateral usage of materials for off-air applications like broadband put ever-increasing demands on your employees, equipment and software.

    Our understanding of business, creative and technical issues surrounding post-production enhances Filcro Media Staffing’s identification capabilities.

    Equipment and vendor links

    Broadcasting Executive Search - Specialized Military Facilities Recruitment  Sensitive and Hardened Site - Human Asset Identification Resources (HAIR)

    Filcro Media Staffing provides executive search services for government, military, research and supporting private environments with sensitive and or hardened site designations.  Our core practice of broadcasting executive search has grown considerably since 1985.  This search group is separate and distinct from our traditional business, technical and creative broadcast environments. Hard asset project management is also offered in this group within CONUS.

    Filcro Media Staffing identifies the senior most executives in charge of individual U.S. State operations centers - FEMA, National Guard and DoD for all Voice, Video and Data management.

    Government, military, research, academic and authorized United States interests are supported throughout the United States in secure and compartmented environments developed to assure confidential identification. This group also provides "hard and soft asset coordination" on an as need basis.

    This search group is limited to U.S. Government entities and their associated suppliers of goods and services. FCC EAS rules and regulations and enhancements to the national level of EAS infrastructure also fall under the responsibility of this recruitment group.

    Government and Military clients please proceed to our HAIR Group.


    Vendor and Industry Links
    SONY-1SONY-2SONY-3 JVC Panasonic AVID
    HarrisRadioTVCable/Sat Canon Avalon Ikegami
    DPS / Harris / Leitch /Encoda CCMS ODAC Discreet
    Thomson / Grass Valley Lucent CISCO NABOB
    Quantel Filcro Media Ross CBS Cares
    Summit Fujinon VCI EVS
    Hitachi Markerteck Diversified Broadcast Depot

    The nineteen specialized areas of media recruitment contained on this page are Filcro Media Staffing’s most requested.  We encourage new clients to browse through each area corresponding to their current identification needs to determine the modality of our methodologies and then view a corresponding case history if desired.
    A compilation of appropriate search groups are utilized based on the structure of the client company and the required tactical and strategic responsibilities of the desired executive.  We encourage clients to pose questions pertaining to our practice areas.
    Serving the Community
    Broadcasting Industry Philanthropic Recognition

    CBS Cares

    Few broadcasters have devoted more resources to philanthropic endeavors than CBS. 

    Recently, CBS Cares, consisting of distinctive broadcast PSA’s with CBS Stars and a groundbreaking related website ( was recognized with the very prestigious Paul G. Rogers Leadership Award.

    CBS Cares is a highly successful collaboration between various areas at CBS – Entertainment, News, Sports, Program Practices, Promotions and Digital Media. The project is led by a gifted Senior Vice President of Program Practices at CBS, Matthew Margo. 

    CBS is to be commended for being a true pioneer as it uniquely explores and expands on health and social issues that are of vital importance to everyone. The incisive discourse offered is also sensitive to those who often leave a physicians office with more questions than answers.

    Subjects covered on the website are:

    We highly recommend that you bookmark the CBS Cares site and share it with your friends and family.

    The CBS Cares website and PSA’s are a prime example of how CBS serves the public interest by perceptive and compassionate understanding of the human condition. To Leslie Moonves, Chairman and CEO of CBS, we sincerely offer our highest regard and appreciation for CBS’s leadership and invaluable contribution to our community through “CBS Cares.”

    The Louis Carr Internship Foundation

    The Louis Carr Internship Foundation (LCIF) is designed to promote diversity and provide opportunities for multicultural individuals to make their mark within the communications industry.

    Minority college students gain hands-on experience at top media and broadcasting companies as they benefit from the dedicated mentoring of industry leaders.

    Mr. Carr has devoted great personal resources to this successful endeavor and under his tutelage the Louis Carr Internship Foundation has enriched our industry and our nation by facilitating the growth and development of our country’s most valuable resource. 

    As the President of Network sales at BET, Mr. Carr is a respected mentor and visionary. His outstanding achievements as a broadcast professional and senior executive officer are true testaments to his devotion to our industry and the community it serves. 

    We urge every broadcast professional to learn more about the Louis Carr Internship Foundation.

    One Economy Corporation

    One Economy Corporation ( is a national nonprofit organization that strives to maximize the potential of technology to help low-income people improve their lives and join the economic mainstream. 

    One Economy’s mission is to bring technology into the home and to help people gain the comfort and training needed to use technology to raise their standard of living. 

    One Economy does this by:

    • Affecting technology-related policy initiatives: 

    • One Economy has successfully launched the Bring IT Home campaign, which has helped to bring broadband into the homes of 200,000 low-income people. 
    • Encouraging youth partnership and leadership: 

    • One Economy fosters Digital Communities and supports youth-based Digital Connectors leadership programs in a dozen cities across the U.S. 
    • Providing meaningful online content through the bi-lingual Beehive website:
    The Beehive, (, One Economy’s comprehensive bi-lingual web portal, connects nearly 250,000 unique users per month throughout the U.S. to national and local resources.

    One Global Economy (a supporting nonprofit of OEC) is currently engaged in the design and implementation of community Beehives in both Jordan and South Africa as part of its mission to mobilize technology for community development around the globe. 

    Beehive Content includes: 

    Health and Fitness
    Jobs and Career
    Starting and Owning a Business

    For more information, please contact Liz Sarachek Blacker, SVP, Media Division, One Economy Corporation - – 202.393.0406


    Providing media management consulting and high-quality broadcasting executive search services to those media non-profits who are unable to pay is critically important to our community.  That is why Filcro Media Staffing participates in identifying media executives for nonprofit organizations that serve the public interest by serving the disadvantaged." 

    We are dedicated to using our resources to help the poor and disadvantaged among us by reviewing requests that we provide pro bono assistance in deserving cases.

    Although we are always extremely busy in representing paying clients and in managing professional obligations, our commitment to pro bono service is unequivocal.

    To request a formal review for pro bono assistance please forward your request to:

    Tony Filson
    Filcro Media Staffing
    521 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10175

    re: pro bono review

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