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Advanced Technology & Operations

Business Development Project Management
Location New York, NY - USA
Compensation to $250,000 base and bonus
w/outstanding benefits
Officer in Charge Tony Filson, Filcro Media Staffing
  • Provide technology (IT) direction and operations guidance to internal teams to implement new initiatives as conceived by new business Development, International, Sales and Marketing departments.
  • Implement strategies that are (IT) technology-driven and align with department’s technology goals.
  • Cultivate and maintain business relationships within and outside the company and help maintain technology department as “go to” resource for information and expertise.
  • Partner effectively with teams to foster effective proactive collaboration to develop and implement IT & Engineering projects in a timely and cost effective manner.
    Project Management
TV IT executive search for TV sales and sales operations technology in TV Networks Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
  • Represent ( IT & Engineering ) technology business issues on projects that involve current and future business opportunities (e.g., SVOD; Telco launches; international initiatives; wireless; new encoding technologies; new business development projects; copyright protection; etc.)
  • Work with internal departments to set up new business infrastructures and to support early stages of operations.
  • Significant project management responsibilities, including developing project plans and leading project teams in implementation of new business initiatives.
    Contract Negotiations
  • Assess and prioritize alternative solutions; evaluate financial impact.
  • Participate in the negotiations of contracts for satellite transponder capacity; compression/encryption technologies and equipment purchases.
    Additional Responsibilities
  • Satellite Portfolio Management:  Establish/maintain business relationships with key constituents (e.g., satellite operators; appropriate counterparts/key users of satellite capacity; etc.). 
  • Research, analyze, and identify the “art of the possible” in satellite distribution; recommend strategies to meet international and domestic business objectives.
  • FCC filings:  Review and report on key issues, prepare information in support of the firm's position in FCC filings.  Maintain FCC documents.
Requirements IT Jobs and IT Executive Search for the broadcasting industry for TV, radio and digital technologies Tony Filson Filcro Media Staffing
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the telecommunications, cable and or broadcast television businesses with regard to distribution and assimilation of creative and data product lines. 
  • 8-10 years experience in any of these areas: cable television, broadcast television, satellite TV or distribution, telecommunications or a formalized management consulting environment within context that facilitates sales operational goals, business strategies, business affairs and or new ( IT and Engineering) technology capacity. 
  • Exceptional project management skills and demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment
  • General knowledge of and/or experience working with current and new technologies to facilitate business goals.
  • Must have an established understanding of MSO, Telco, Satellite and other ‘distributors’ business needs and the firm's opportunities and advantages in meeting those needs.
  • Must be proactive with demonstrated ability to take initiative and lead a project forward. 
  • Strong research, analytical, financial, and creative problem-solving skills 
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills 
  • Strong interpersonal and collaborative skills 
  • Someone who enjoys facilitating strategic technological solutions with the capacity to articulate their plans and course of action while building consensus internal and external to the organization. 
  • Certified Project Manager (CPM) Certification a plus. 
  • Extensive experience with complex IT and or Engineering project management.
Contact Jobs in Advanced Broadcasting Technology for Broadcasting Technology Executives Seeking Jobs Tony Filson Filcro Media StaffingTony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10017

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