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Terms and Conditions

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Professional Fees

  • Retained executive searches are conducted on a contractual basis and the fee is determined by the total of the first year's remuneration.
  • All professional fees are billed in (30) thirty-day increments representing thirds of the total fee.
  • Individual domestic and international professional fees range from 28% to 33% based on the nature, seniority, number of, and the logistics required of the search assignment(s).

Bulk Services

  • Clients with bulk services agreements enjoy professional fees as low as 25%. 
  • A minimum of two searches conducted simultaneously are required to obtain and initiate these cost structures.
  • Bulk services agreements are available for terms of 1 or 2 years.  A minimum of three searches are required in any 1 year period to maintain bulk services pricing.
  • Bulk recruitment agreements are available for all practice groups


  • Expenses, if any, such as client approved candidate transportation and lodging during applicable searches are the responsibility of the client company and are deemed a search expense.
  • The client company is billed monthly for client pre-authorized expenses.
  • International clients utilizing the firm’s travel logistics capabilities will be billed 10% of professional fees if they opt to utilize Filcro Media Staffing’s “in-house travel program”, at the inception of search. 
  • Any travel monies remaining at the completion of each assignment will be applied to the final payment for professional services based on the first year’s remuneration. 
  • All domestic and international clients have the option of utilizing any internal or external travel resource that is the most cost effective and convenient at all times.

Upon Identification

  • When the new executive is identified all professional fees received to date are applied to the final bill.
  • Any remaining pre-authorized expense balances or credits, if any, are also billed or reconciled at the completion of the search.


  • Filcro Media Staffing's recruitment and identification efforts are contractually guaranteed.
  • If an identified senior executive should leave an assignment during the first year of employment due to a lack of performance, Filcro Media Staffing will identify another similarly compensated executive, minus any professional fees.

Management Consulting - Without Identification if Desired

  • Standalone management consulting assignments are also conducted on a contractual basis.
  • Management consulting fees are determined based on the scope, logistics and geographics of the services requested and performed.

Specialized Media Acumen

The firm’s media industry acumen and specialized media recruitment experience is available to all clients during the executive search process as advice and guidance.

Advice and guidance across multiple media platforms in regional, domestic and international markets is offered to assure proper identification and recruitment to meet the client’s business and revenue objectives. TV, Interactive, Wireless, Telco, Radio and other skill and platform groups are outlined here.

  • Compensation structures
  • Succession planning
  • Change management assessments
  • Current skill set assessments
  • Skill set formulation
  • Strategic and tactical approaches to business, technical and creative initiatives across multiple media platforms
  • Geopolitical risk assessment and market viability
  • Management assessments for acquiring concerns
  • Officer in Charge - internal search committee
  • Working in concert with funding and or acquiring entities to assure proper management transitions
  • National and international sales structure formulation - operational, tactical, strategic - front and back office.


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