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Chief Operating Officer
Digital Television Broadcasting


Kabul, Afghanistan


Salary, bonus, benefits and relocation commensurate with experience


TV Broadcasting Jobs in Kabul Afghanistan Dari Pashto The Chief Operating Officer is responsible to oversee all aspects of a commercial broadcasting company in a unique and developing market.  This experienced executive will lead a newly created subsidiary company in all business and technical aspects of a digital terrestrial broadcast network.  With an aggressive role out schedule, the COO will work with vendors, networks and our existing technical team to rapidly bring DVB-T2 standards to Afghanistan. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Plan, direct and coordinate all operating activities including:

  • Establish, negotiate, and maintain contracts with national and international broadcast networks
  • Coordinate with vendors and service providers to create, maintain and expand digital television platform
  • Oversee all technical transmitting aspects including signaling to / from current networks
  • Coordinate distribution hub to rent / sell set top boxes to various distributors
  • Oversee customer care function
  • Prepare reports which summarize and forecast Company business activity and financial position based on past, present and expected operations
  • Work collaboratively with members of the Parent Company's management team
  • Oversee activities of cash management, general accounting, disbursement (accounts payable / payroll), commercial billing, accounts receivable, and tax administration; including revenue collection through mobile telecommunication providers
  • Oversee all reporting including; technical, financial and tax, to local and national regulatory bodies.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 10+ years of progressive broadcast television experience demonstrating ability to manage all facets of the business 
  • A clear understanding of international markets
  • Political, cultural and social awareness of Afghanistan and the broader Middle East 
  • An executive decision maker, who quickly assesses issues, analyzes alternatives and executes based upon past experiences and business acumen. 
  • Excellent analytical, oral and written communication skills.
  • Fluency in Dari and/or Pashto and English.


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New York, NY  10175

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