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Filcro Media Staffing is the leading global broadcasting news executive search firm in the Middle East, United States, Latin America and Asia.

This page is specific to Middle East News executive search relevant to The Middle East (MENA), Africa Proper, Turkey and the countries within the Stans with crossover into the Caucasus  when relevant.

Middle East News Executive SearchHeadquartered in New York City, Filcro Media Staffing is located in the media and news capital of the world.  With the greatest concentration of global news organizations and news executives located steps from our offices, New York City is the ideal recruitment environment to meet the needs of the World’s current leading and emerging news organizations.

Global news executive search

A sophisticated global newsroom is now a multiplatform, multiplex, multichannel broadcaster that assimilates and disseminates in multiple languages with multinational affiliate distribution.  Filcro Media Staffing has played a vital role in every aspect of making the global newsroom a reality through the identification, recruitment, attraction and relocation of world-class news and media executives and their families globally.

Filcro Media Staffing’s approach to Middle East News executive search

Middle East News Executive Search FirmsEvery Network and news organization is unique.  The combined business, journalistic, language, technical and creative aspects of each news organization sets them apart and determines their efficacy as primary news sources, news brands and ultimately the success of the network or news organizations’  monetization efforts. 

At times it can be a single senior news executive or a gifted change agent that positively transforms an entire news organization.   When building a new news organization or expanding into new countries multiple new employees are needed to build an entire news broadcast operation or news bureau from the ground up.  Every broadcasting practice group at Filcro Media Staffing is utilized to bring forward exceptionally talented news executives.

TV and Radio Network Middle East News Organizations
The leadership and management needs are important

Executive Search Firms that specialize in Middle East NewsFilcro Media Staffing has over twenty-five years of media and broadcasting experience conducting executive searches to meet media goals and bring media business objectives to fruition in local, regional, national and international media markets. Filcro Media Staffing can facilitate the hiring needs for Senior Leadership to Line Personnel in every news market in the world.

Diverse Middle East media executive search for business, technical, creative, journalistic and monetization goals are facilitated.  Reviewing some of the resources and recruitment modalities available and the success associated with the corresponding recruitment modality in each Filcro Media Staffing’s executive search case history can be insightful.

Subsequently reviewing the corresponding recruitment group for each executive search, clients are able to obtain a global overview in and out of “News Broadcasting” that highlights the firm’s success in every broadcast media market in the world.

Some organizations produce news without monetizing the product.  Other choose to reap financial rewards from affiliate and advertising sales.  Filcro Media Staffing can make both business models successful and catalysts for attracting top talent.

Cases histories and their corresponding practice groups

Other Areas of Interest for International News Executive Search in and out of The Middle East

Additional Recruitment Relevant to Newsrooms and News Organizations

Additional Filcro Media Staffing Global Practice Groups


Clients Seeking The Arabic Newsroom

The “Arabic Newsroom” is another distinct Filcro Media Staffing company devoted to recruiting Middle East News personnel relevant to the MENA and the surrounding geographic and geopolitical environments.  The “Arabic Newsroom” also recruits globally to meet the needs of every global news organization seeking talented personnel with Middle East related broadcasting and news experience. For Filcro Media Staffing - United States - LATAM

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