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Regions of Journalistic and Management Responsibility - Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey 

AOR News Relevance: MENA, Turkey, Caucasus, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan

Position Executive Producer, News and Information Convergence 
  • Six figure salary based on experience
  • Outstanding health, retirement and other benefits for you and your family
  • Generous corporate relocation and housing
  • Stability, security and growth with a respected global news organization 
Location Prague, the Czech Republic
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Primary Function The strategic and tactical management, development and implementation of English broadcast news programming and news product on multiple media platforms. Radio, Internet and TV. 
The Organization News Executive Search Firms TV and Radio Middle East Turkey Prauge Russia IranMajor international news, broadcasting and media communications service serving Eastern and Southeastern Europe; the Caucasus; and Central and Southwestern Asia and MENA, Iran. 
Key Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the English-language news and information products from and about the organizations broadcast region and 28 language services that are delivered across multiple media platforms (Internet, Radio, TV).
  • Manage, hire and develop a large existing staff of 60+ that provides breaking news, analyses, features, and other products for broadcast programs, on-line websites, and print publications.
  • Responsible for editorial control
  • Work organization and allocation, performance management, training, and problem resolution; as well as for short and long-range planning and goal setting through: conduct of daily story conferences and editorial meetings, effectively dealing with breaking news stories, and planning for enterprise news, and special projects and events.
  • Strategically position the Network News Organization in highly competitive global news markets by keeping senior management informed of personnel and technology requirements.
Required Skills
  • University degree in Journalism, or in a related field.
  • Minimum 10 years’ related professional journalism experience required.
  • Considerable management experience, including managing change in a media environment.
  • Considerable knowledge of existing and emerging technologies in multi-media news and broadcasting.
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and develop program content across multiple media platforms, and in response to both immediate and longer-term requirements.  To effectively implement convergence. 
  • Work experience in, and/or extensive knowledge of, the organization's broadcast regions.
  • Must be able to handle deadline pressure and work well in stressful situations.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Must have excellent creative and editorial judgment. 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with a wide and diverse range of staff from varied cultures.
  • Skill in organizing resources, budgets and establishing priorities. 
  • Employee development and performance management skills.
  • Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.
  • Knowledge of one or more of the major languages of the broadcast region (Russian, Farsi, Dari or a Turkic language) highly desirable with a working knowledge of the cultures and regions. (Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey)
Contact Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing
521 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10175
United States of America
International journalism jobs in Prague International jobs for news executive producers in Prague Russian Farsi Dari Turkic Russia Iran Afghanistan
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  4. Candidates with appropriate NEWS experience will be contacted by a research associate or Officer in Charge of Search (OIC).
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