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The Exclusive Media Focus
Specialized Broadcasting and Media Executive Search

Filcro Media Staffing is a retainer based media and broadcasting executive search firm providing specialized identification, recruitment and attraction and relocation of broadcasting and media executives within a multitude of domestic and international markets across a variety of media platforms. 

With vast media industry recruitment experience and comprehensive media market acumen, Filcro Media Staffing offers perspectives that facilitate the recruitment and attraction of business, technical and creative leadership in highly competitive global media markets.

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Filcro Media Staffing
Distinct, Focused, Specialized Media Recruitment

  • Focus - An environment dedicated exclusively to broadcasting and media recruitment across multiple media platforms globally.
  • Acumen - A comprehensive understanding of skills, relationships, reporting structures, cultures, markets and technologies in the media industries.
  • Specialization - Detailed knowledge of business, creative and technical functions in the media industry from tactical and strategic perspectives. Media specific recruitment to meet media objectives and business goals.
  • Experience - Filcro Media Staffing offers over 25 years of media recruitment experience.  Since 1985 the firm leads the industry globally with noted efficacy.
  • Scope - From CEO to Country Manager.  Every executive search is treated with the same dedication and resources across all media practice groups.
  • Cost Structures - Based on the firm’s resources and media experience clients enjoy costs that reflect repetitive identification in each media recruitment practice group. The firm is a business partner in global media talent acquisition.
  • Expeditious - Based on modality, reputation and media industry acumen the firm quickly identifies, recruits, qualifies, attracts and relocates ideal candidates. The firm accomplishes more in a week than most search firms accomplish months. The firm is aggressive, knowledgeable, conscientious and quick to create opportunities for critical assignments.
  • Reputation - Executive searches offering diverse and unique candidates from an extensive pool of comprehensive industry contacts, proprietary data, media industry visibility and a reputation for efficacy when attracting candidates.
  • Geographics - Every major and minor media market in world. Markets include United States, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, North Africa and South America.
  • Transparency - Clients receive real-time deliverables regardless of geographics and time differences. The pace and nuance of a search can be as collaborative or autonomous as each client requires.  Modality
  • Confidentiality - Filcro Media Staffing recruits to meet internal or external  requirements.
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