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Filcro Media Staffing
Distinct, Focused, Specialized Media Platform Recruitment

  • Mobile - Middle East media executive searches for mobile media platforms and integration of content and broadcast operations for multiplex broadcasting
  • MSO - Comprehensive triple and quad-play Middle East executive search for traditional FHC and new infrastructure for direct fiber for cable and satellite providers.
  • Broadcast TV - Hub, Local, Regional, National, International Middle East executive searches for stand-alone RF and DVB-T2 integration
  • Broadcast Radio - Middle East executive searches for broadcast radio integration across all media platforms.  Extensive mobile, broadband, satellite and telecom infrastructure based executive searches.
  • Broadband & Digital - Middle East media executive search for a broad array of stand-alone and integrated media products and platforms from tradition to advanced technology dissemination for media, entertainment and telco integration.
  • OEM Structures - Middle East Media Executive searches to facilitate integration with global manufactures of consumer electronic products offering “Digital Lifestyle” and basic services.
  • Satellite and Terrestrial Broadcast Distribution - Middle East Executive Searches in the most demanding MENA environments for the assimilation and dissemination of data, media, entertainment and telco integrated products.

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