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Position International EVP Online Advertising Sales and Sales Operations - 
The Americas & EU - Spanish and English Markets
Location Options Miami, FL - USA or Los Angeles, CA - USA
Compensation $400,000 to $800,000 w/additional incentives and benefits
Summary Global Media, Entertainment and Communications company is seeking a honed digital media sales executive to lead across the monetization of multiple streams of assimilation and dissemination for Spanish and English markets in The United States, South America and Spanish markets in Europe.
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Job Description
  • Responsible for cultivating new business and working synergistically internal and external to the organization to optimize revenue in English and Spanish markets
  • This executive will function tactically and lead strategically.  This specifically indicates that this executive will be responsible for generating revenue as well as the assurances of generation of revenue of other sales staff members; and the company as a whole.
  • This executive will be responsible for taking advantage of market conditions and proactively creating opportunities that might not exist without his or her conceptualization of opportunities for clients on business, creative and technical levels.
  • Optimize the Monetization of the firm's assimilation and dissemination of information, data, services, entertainment, communications, community and social networking capabilities. 
  • Capitalize on cross-platform opportunities that enhance revenue across TV, Digital, Wireless, Entertainment, Communications, Social Networking and Communities that could require strategic synergistic alliances that this executive will conceptualize, formulate, execute and see to fruition. 
  • Assure that every alliance, directly and or indirectly with partners, advertising agencies, direct advertisers and providers of content or services will be to enhance revenue and build the value of the brand. 
  • This executive will formulate and provide plans to build staff or obtain services to facilitate required sales and sales operational structures and functions.
  • This executive will build a New York, Los Angeles, Miami, South American and European sales organization starting in New York and building outwards. 
Functional areas are not limited to but include the following:
  • Sales
  • Sales Planning
  • Sales Staffing and Sales Compensation
  • Sales Partnership Structures
  • Sales Research, Sales Analytics, Metrics
  • Inventory
  • Sales Training
  • Traffic
  • Sales Creative Services
  • Client Services
  • Spanish Digital Media Jobs for Senior Level Online Advertising Sales Executives for English and Spanish MarketsJobs for hispanic and latin american online advertising sales executives with international advertising experience in Spanish and English marketsSpanish Social Networking Online Advertising Sales Jobs for Spanish Online Advertising sales executives for Spanish and English Markets
    Global Convergent English & Spanish Media and Entertainment 
    • A proven ability to independently present compelling and unique opportunities to English and multicultural agencies for English and Spanish markets and clients that optimize the brand and garner the greatest return on the brand's “space” and “digital inventory”. 
    • Experience training, managing, teaching and optimizing sales skills and sales process in others as direct reports and those on a dotted line.
    • This executive must be an intelligent, aggressive and polished media and interactive sales professional who exhibits characteristics that enable successful interaction with senior most decision makers in Fortune organizations and their international counterparts.
    • A clear capacity to function with autonomy as the "senior most" sales executive.
    • Experience organizationally targeting, presenting to and developing national and international accounts as a leading entertainment, communications, community and or media based brand. 
    • The ability to structure deals and take an entrepreneurial approach to business.
    • Experience evaluating specific business categories and marketplace trends to identify prospective accounts that enhance national and international positioning against competitors in the marketplace.
    • Experience working closely with internal personnel across business, creative and technical functions to create opportunities for advertisers and agencies.
    • A proven record of financial success (in the multi millions) in cultivating the specific desired markets and business verticals. 
    • A record of financial leadership managing sales budgets in a fiscally responsible manner.
    • Experience with Analytics and media metrics to evaluate business deals and their worth based on inventory, relationships, space and deliverability. 
    • Experience with start-ups and or lean organizations and rapidly growing firms that are not heavily layered.  This executive must be able to optimize current hard and soft assets as the organization grows.
    • This executive should understand “scale” and "growing" a sales organization as the brand expands its' offerings and markets.
    • Experience working with peers and contemporaries who are experienced, mature senior level media executives from respected media, entertainment and communication brands.
    • Experience managing multiple locations
    • Undergraduate degree required.  Advanced degree preferred.
    • Spanish language skills are not required. 
    Contact Tony Filson
    Officer in Charge of Search
    Filcro Media Staffing
    521 Fifth Avenue
    New York City, NY  10175-1801

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