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Studio 360 was an exciting executive search conducted by Filcro Media Staffing for a talented executive producer with the capacity and desire to create this compelling and intriguing program pertaining to the arts and culture. 

Filcro Media Staffing was honored to have been chosen as the executive search firm of record that identified, recruited and attracted the talented executive producer responsible for creating this highly successful media franchise and then managing Studio 360 for an additional (9) nine years. 

The case history that exhibits Filcro Media Staffing's modality to bring this executive search to fruition is available for public scrutiny.

Program Goals: Studio 360 grew from the recognition that no single program in radio explores the arts in a sustained and in-depth way, examining how the arts are imbedded in society and reflect daily life.  In response, this radio show has been created and designed to:

  • Explore a broad array of issues and ideas in the arts and culture
  • Provide numerous access points in the arts
  • Stimulate dialogue and discussion and inspire participation in the arts
  • Promote an understanding of the dynamic between art and everyday life
Studio 360

Focusing on issues and ideas (rather than events), Studio 360 is a weekly, one-hour radio program that explores the impact of arts and culture on the quality of individual and national life.  It features new voices and well-known personalities, people who are deeply engaged in the arts – not just as critics and experts, but as lovers and doers who can take listeners behind the scenes and into the creative process.  The arts are the program's focal point and the lens through which it explores the world at large.  Studio 360 offers numerous access points to the arts with the goal of providing a compelling listening experience even for those who feel least engaged in cultural affairs.

Kurt Andersen, columnist for the New Yorker, co-founder of Spy magazine, and author of the critically acclaimed novel, Turn of the Century, is the program's host.  Described by New York Times journalist Christopher Lehmann-Haupt as a person who is "endlessly energetic [and] seems to know just about everything," Andersen brings wit, charisma, and a flair for incisive cultural commentary to the program.

Each week, Andersen guides listeners through a broad array of subjects – probing, musing, and asking questions with genuine curiosity and a healthy dose of irreverence.  A typical program combines documentary, discussion, commentary, and humor interwoven in artful and surprising ways.

Regular program elements will include

In-depth documentaries on unique and unexpected issues such as:
How Israeli and Palestinian architects and city planners work together to find solutions to disputed space; Ways that masks, from Halloween costumes to gas masks, influence human behavior; Cultural profiles of presidential candidates, including George W. Bush, who calls baseball his favorite cultural experience and describes himself as “culturally adrift.”

Forum: lively studio discussions moderated by Andersen with such guests as:
Poet laureate Robert Pinsky, gangsta rapper Snoop Dog, and “poetry activist” Bob Holman discussing the rise of poetry in today's America; and Marcia Tucker, singer, comedian, and Founding Director of the New Museum, on the changing depictions of the Madonna throughout history.

Business of the Arts: explorations of the business, financial, and policy side of the arts.

Design for the Real World: from the ring of a telephone to the shape of a light bulb, this feature explores the design of items listeners encounter in their daily lives.

Audio Postcards: first-person “postcards” from unexpected people and locations such as:
Choreographer Jacques D’Amboise teaching Appalachian dance along the Appalachian Trail, helping children to rediscover their heritage; and a city mayor sharing his personal reflections as an attendee at a NEA-sponsored urban design forum.

Interviews with original thinkers, celebrated figures, and little known personalities with intriguing points of view:
The woman who programs music on Air Force One explaining the factors that influence her choices; and an established artist who tells us about the work of a younger artist that they have "discovered" and what they see or hear in the work.

Studio 360 captures a diverse audience by providing access to arts and culture in a contemporary context that is highly informative and fun.  While the program is aimed specifically at 35-49 year-old news/information listeners (the largest growth area for public radio), PRI is confident that Studio 360’s thoughtful, searching conversation about the arts will transcend demographic distinctions and appeal to a broad audience.

Location: New York City, NY - USA
Format: (42) One hour shows a year

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