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This page is exclusively for resume submission for TV and digital media executives with experience in the media sales and sales operational disciplines listed below.

Please remember to state your geographic preference as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other city of your choice.

Submitting your resume on this Resume Links page is for general inclusion in the Filcro Media Staffing database.  Specific Executive Searches here.

Please note that Director and VP resumes for RFP and Ideation jobs in digital media sales operations are being given priority in New York City.

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Sales Operations

Client Services

Revenue Management

Sales Systems Sales IT

Sales Training

Sales Finance

Advertising Sales TV

Advertising Sales Digital

Case Histories

If you are not a media executive with media sales experience, Filcro Media Staffing’s “Media Sales Services” group is not for you.  Please feel free to view Filcro Media Staffing’s other practice groups.  Thank you.

TV sales services and TV sales planning

Jobs for sales planning and sales technology executives in cable TV Networks and digital media firms

Director sales planning and sales planning operations in Network and cable TV

Digital Sales Jobs for TV and Digital Sales PLanning personnel across multiple media platforms

Monetizing Media Assests for sales planning and sales services in TV and digital media

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