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Specialized Media Industry Technology Executive Search

Broadcast Operations, Advanced IT, Technology Strategies & Engineering Management, Media Broadcast Distribution, Production Operations, Post, Sales Operations, Facilities, Systems Engineering, Workflow, Content Management and Emerging Technologies.

Filcro Media Staffing identifies honed media and broadcasting engineering and information technology executives with broad strategic, operational, distribution, monetization, production, engineering and maintenance leadership responsibilities.

Convergent Media Technologies - IT & Engineering

Broadcast Operations and Engineering (BOE), Broadcast Operations Canters (BOC),Network Operations Centers (NOC) , Television Operating Centers (TOC), Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Video On Demand (VOD), Content Management Systems (CMS), Communications Security (COMSEC),  High Definition (HD), 3D, Holographic Conversion (HC) , Digital Radio (DR), In Band On Channel (IBOC), All TV & Radio Subcarrier, Broadcast Robotics and Automated Production (BRAP), Set Top Box (STB),  Workflow Automation, Multiplatform Automated Delivery, Library & Storage, MPEG(x) All Compression, Multiplex Distribution, Encoding, CODEC Development, Broadcast Mechanical & Facilities Engineering, Broadcast HVAC, Telecom & MSO Network Integration and all VoP, RTP, VOFR, ATM, BPL, and VTOA. 

The media technologies listed above are specialized broadcasting, MSO and Telecom technology nomenclature relevant to the recruitment and executive search practices of the Filcro Media Staffing Technology Recruitment Group

This diverse technology subject matter reflects the scope and granular practical understanding that Filcro Media Staffing utilizes to recruit media technology executives.  Media and Communications companies seeking talented media technology leaders for single platform or multinational multicast multiplex multiplatform entities are Filcro Media Staffing’s clients.

Across All Platforms

All terrestrial, RF, OTA, OTT, OEM, cable, fiber, satellite, wireless, energy, BPL, acoustic and digital platforms are supported for dissemination and assimilation.

With the growing influence of IT facilitating the efficacy of convergence; telecommunications and broadcasting interests experience similar benefits from implementing change management and succession planning through our identification efforts. Filcro Media Staffing as a media broadcasting executive search firm understands media IT technology and media technology people from a tactical, strategic and human perspective.

IT & Engineering - Specialized Recruitment Acumen and Experience

IT Executive Search Media Technolgy for Cable TV NetworksInformation Technology Executive Search FirmsFilcro Media Staffing has broad strategic and granular IT and engineering recruitment acumen specific to the media industry. Filcro Media Staffing offers highly specialized technology recruitment for broadcasters developing their own solutions or working in unison with diverse providers of broadcasting technology.  From distribution to optimizing advertising sales technology, Filcro Media Staffing understands your technology recruitment needs.

Traffic, broadcast operations, inventory, production, post production, library management CMS, sales, sales operations infrastructure, advertising sales technology sales, distribution, research analytics, NOC automation, satellite control systems, CODEC development for in-house and or off-the-shelf box development are all areas relevant to Filcro Media Staffing’s clients and specific to the firm’s recruitment proficiency on tactical and strategic levels.

Filcro Media Staffing is a global executive search firm and our client’s utilize our global reach to attract talent from the primary technology centers all over the world. Our capacity to identify, recruit and attract technology talent in not limited to geographic boundaries. Media Technology is our global language. 

International, National, Regional, Local

Geographics - Global Resources

The Americas , U.K, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan,  Malaysia, Napal, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka,  Taiwan, Thailand

Essential Media Technology Employees At Every Level
Recruitment, Change Management, Succession Planning

Software and hardware Engineers, Managers, Programmers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Scientists and CIO, CTO, CXO level executives are identified with the appropriate experience, acumen and skills. Our commitment to "best practices" in this media group and our ability to identify executives when "change management" is essential in sophisticated technology environments is proven.

Media Industry Technology Driving Business and Creative Environments

Filcro Media Staffing maintains up to date information from organizations like SONY, Panasonic, GE, Harris, Scientific Atlanta, Lucent, Cisco, SUN, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, INVISION, TRW, Pioneer, JVC, Grass Valley, Philips, Motorola / GI and others to establish our own internal guidelines for hard skill sets for each technical search. When we identify a CEO, Senior Vice President of Network Broadcast Operations or a Director of Network Distribution and New Technology for a Multi-Plex, single network or their integrated x.0 compliant web property, Filcro Media Staffing assures that that individual's skills and business capabilities are everything they should be now and going forward.  Technology Group.

Honed Media Technology Recruitment

Every search in this practice group is conducted by an Officer in Charge of Search (OIC) with a minimum of 15 years of technical recruitment experience who is also a former Satellite, IT, MSO or Network executive with extensive industry knowledge related to a client’s needs. Theoretical and practical knowledge of current and future MSO / network distribution, fiber, digital, satellite and RF technologies facilitates rapid and accurate identification of talented technical employees in every media market in the United States or OCUNUS.

Legislative Awareness

The firm stays up to date with legislative and technical FCC mandates for HD and spectrum license allocations including wireless for private/public applications and emerging BPL technology. COMSEC and INFOSEC searches are assigned to the appropriate search executive based on the nature of the search.

Every Phase of Media Technology Ecology

From initial build-out to recovery to security to operations to integrating legacy platforms for monetization with digital properties and accommodating technological growth, Filcro Media Staffing is the most comprehensive broadcasting and media executive search firm CONUS or OCONUS to identify and secure proven media engineering and information technology talent. Workflow

Media Technology and IT Executive Search Firms that specialize in Media IT recruitment for the broadcasting industry

Media Business & Creative Technology
Executive Search
Filcro Media Staffing

Filcro Media Staffing’s understanding of legacy, current, future and theoretical media technologies will always be vital to the interests of the global media community we serve.”


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