Vice President Network Traffic - Washington, D.C.
TVSTAFF.CVice President Traffic
a Filcro Media Company
Chief Financial Officer - U.S. Production Operations 
Salary $160,000 - $200,000 with 35% Bonus, Outstanding Benefits & Corporate Relocation 
Location New York City, NY - U.S.A. & travel to Los Angeles, CA - U.S.A.
Summary Reports to the President of this sub-co of a major media and entertainment conglomerate.  The sole purpose of this division is to produce and co-produce entertainment product for TV, Motion Picture and Broadband.

This person in conjunction with programming, development, distribution and sales will oversee the financial aspects of all U.S. Operations.  Travel to studios in L.A. 4-6 times a year for production meetings and oversight.


Responsibilities 1. Responsible for supervising the financial aspects of the TV, Film and Broadband creative process.

2. Responsible for financial reporting for corporate communications and shareholders.

3. Responsible for cost projections for major film projects and talent contracts.

4. Work in conjunction with international group to amortize costs through distribution in multiple markets.

5. Maintain relationships with banking community.

6. Provide guidance for financial controls and reporting.

7. Work with "Corporate Finance" and Treasury" from parent company for fiscal budgeting.

Skills Required
  1. Experience with all aspects of production and distribution finance.
  2. A firm understanding of domestic & Canadian production markets for U.S. Operations
  3. Ability to function as key liaison with banking and investment community
  4. Capacity to structure deals within realistic financial parameters.
  5. Ability to communicate with shareholders and corporate communications as to the viability, success and shot comings of revenue expectations contingent upon the project.
  6. Proven record implementing financial controls and reporting procedure in the broadcasting and motion picture industries.
  7. Knowledge of financial reporting systems (MIS)
  8. Advanced degree in Financially related discipline.
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