Financial jobs in the broadcasting industry for MBA's with Financial Planning & Analysis Experience who understand tv operations and engineering
Title  Vice President  - TV Network Advertising Sales Operations 
Salary  $180,000 - $230,000 w/outstanding benefits
Location  New York City, NY - U.S.A. 
  • Major Cable TV Network seeks Vice President of TV Network Sales Operations 
  • This Vice President will act a liaison with the President and Executive Vice President of Network Advertising Sales 
  • Optimize the Planning, Inventory, Traffic & Technology functions 
  • Identify areas relevant to the proper running of a world class TV Network Advertising Sales organization and take action to optimize same 
  • Responsibilities 
    • This Vice President of TV Advertising Sales Operations will optimize process 
    • Manage across traffic, planning, inventory, sales and technology 
    • Initiate strategies, manage, optimize, plan and lead strategically so others can function properly tactically 
    • Keep the President and Executive Vice President aware of relevant issues while functioning with autonomy 
    • Function as liaison with relevant motion picture or interactive groups for cross platform initiatives 
    • Determine relevant skills and training required 
    Skills Required 
    • A minimum of 5-10 years of Cable TV Network management experience in sales operations 
    • The ability to analyze process and optimize performance and resources 
    • Good mentoring and interpersonal skills to educate others in a positive manner 
    • Ability to function well in a major global media and entertainment company 
    • A person with capacity and strategic skills seeking career stability and security in a growth oriented environment 
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    New York, NY  10017
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