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Marketing Manager
Radio Network - Streaming Media
New York, NY - USA

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$75,000 to $90,000 +  Full benefits start the first day of employment. See benefits below.


One of the largest major-market radio operators in the United States, continues to make aggressive moves to converge new and traditional media through creative programming and advanced delivery methods. Audio streams of more than 60 radio stations are currently available online, and a third of the Company's stations are broadcasting in HD digital radio. The Network also launched the world's first podcast programmed radio station and offers more than 100 regularly scheduled podcasts through its news and news/talk stations.

This position, based in New York City, will report to a Vice President and the focus will be on marketing and business development related to Network's efforts to launch and develop the streaming of stations via the world wide web.

Job Description

This position will be responsible for the creation and execution of the strategic foundation of the Network's recently launched streaming initiative.  This requires a wide view of the media landscape, an understanding of changing audience habits and expectations and solid business development experience. The ideal candidate must be able to effectively straddle both new and traditional media landscapes.

The hands-on requirements for this position will require outstanding analytical and communication skills.  Success in this position will require the ability to translate the value of our streaming efforts to our stations, our corporate headquarters, our listeners and our advertisers.  The marketing manager will be held accountable for station and corporate driven revenue goals.  This position will work very closely with the local stations on creating and implementing effective and measurable marketing and promotion plans for their interactive assets.