On Line Advertising Sales Jobs in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA for a Chief Revenue Officer
Position 1 CRO - Chief Revenue Officer
Advertising Sales, Corporate Sponsorships, TV Underwriting
Digital Media Advertising and Event Sponsorship Sales
Live and Online TV Programming & Global Events
Position 2 Director of TV Sponsorship Sales
College Campus Events and News Forums
Location Arlington, VA - USA
The Firm Online Advertising Sales DC MD VAU.S. based global "youth and young adult news" organization dedicated to U.S. , Middle East and International news, information and lifestyle is seeking an experienced media ad sales executive who will sell online advertising as well as forum sponsorships and event sponsorships to tie in with TV and Online advertising. 

This media advertising sales professional will represent the organization's TV programming and events to those seeking a highly valuable youth and young adult audience in and out of the United States.

A person who enjoys creative input for TV programming to enhance sales and client participation will greatly enjoy this unique senior sales position.

Compensation $100,000 to $150,000 based on related experience and generous commissions.
Duties Advertising Sales Jobs in DC and VASell online advertising to U.S. and multinational companies seeking exposure to the highly desirable U.S. and Middle East teen, tween, college, young adult and youth markets.
  • Also, sell event sponsorship opportunities that tie into advertising around news, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, education, food, sports, travel, communications, finance, politics and other show topics and information forums that cover relevant topics of interest to the audience and the advertiser. 
  • Develop relationships across all business and advertising verticals to include: electronics, travel, mobile, finance, fashion, entertainment, beverage, music, education, CPG, pharma, public relations, sports, corporate PR and many others 
  • Help develop creative content with head of production to enhance the client relationship.  Give input on TV show topics and online micro-site development for advertisers. 
  • 5 or more years of digital advertising sales and or TV sales and or event sponsorship sales experience to national advertisers, agencies and digital ad networks or TV sponsorship sales experience.
  • Experience selling to direct clients and advertising agencies
  • The ability to articulate clearly the advantages of the much sought after youth demographic to U.S. and multinational companies and organizations seeking this highly desirable youth and young adult audience
  • Ability to work with and communicate with internal staff to maintain clear reporting for projected sales and inventory
  • Experience offering online advertising, TV and or sponsorship opportunities that showcase an advertiser's bands, global community awareness and products to youth and young adult markets would be ideal.
  • Strong writing and communication skills to follow-up with advertising agencies and direct clients RFP's.
  • Good time management skills to function with autonomy as a mature media sales professional to work with large multinational advertisers
  • A desire to work with a growing company that is upbeat, positive and full of energy.
  • Seeking a person who will enjoy a unique environment dedicated to the exchange of global ideas, culture, news and open discussions amongst U.S., Middle East and International youth and young adults in a positive, upbeat and exciting fashion.
  • The ability to grow the firm's Advertising Sales and Business Development functions and be rewarded for same..
  • The ability to help develop sales materials, RFP's and media kits to meet the needs of large multinational clients and their agencies within context of specific campaigns 
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