Jobs in advertising sales commercial traffic and inventory management in cable TV in new york cable tv network DealMaker ad sales commercial inventory and traffic control director jobs and employment  JDS 2000 and VCI jobs in TV North Carolina
TV Network commercial Inventory Traffic control jobs in ad sales in cable TV JDS 2000 VCI  jobs in New York in TV Traffic North CarolinaFilcro Media Staffing Jobs in commercial inventory traffic management in ad sales commercial traffic inventory in Cable tv network jobs in New York JDS 2000 VCI and DealMaker Orbit Traffic
Director Commercial Traffic and Inventory Control
Network Advertising Sales
Title Jobs for TV Traffic Managers in North CarolinaTeam Traffic Manager
Salary $80,000 to $95,000
Based on experience and outstanding benefits - Major U.S. Broadcaster
Location Charlotte, NC - U.S.A. - North Carolina
  • We are seeking a proven broadcast professional and leader with a proven track record in traffic and management. 
  • This Traffic Manager should be performance driven and results oriented with excellent communication, analytical and organizational skills. 
  • A Traffic Manager who is an excellent developer of talent. 
  • Responsibilities include the management, maintenance and oversight of the daily operation of the centralized traffic operation for an assigned group of television stations, training and staff development, supervision of workflow between local stations and centralized staff, and ensuring quality control and inventory maximization for the final product. 
  • Hiring, training, leading and managing the traffic staff to effectively assist stations to achieve on-air product quality and revenue goals.
  • Maintain station client relationships.
  • Devise new methods for accomplishment of goals based upon changes within the marketplace.
  • Initiates, coordinates development, execute and track success of action plans to resolve issues and maximize inventory.
  • Delegate authority and responsibility with accountability and follow-up.
  • Conducts regular coaching and counseling with traffic staff to ensure high levels of station client satisfaction.
  • Demonstrates ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees
  • Manage daily operation of team functions for maximum team efficiency; supervise workflow make job assignments and assume final responsibility for quality control
  • Oversee all  Network, Syndicated and Local stations program changes and workflow to ensure that program formats, timings, secondary events are executed as planned
  • Oversee all commercial continuity processes, as well as workflow between commercial delivery services and HTV CDC
  • Work with station Engineering regarding Automation needs as it relates to playlists, dublists, and purge lists
  • Fully responsible for all inventory controls; insure inventory is effectively worked and communicated with each station
  • Research and analyze discrepancies in order to provide expedient resolutions; mentor traffic staff to understand, resolve, and provide solutions for discrepancies
  • Ensure compliance with all legal rulings and contractual obligations:  Children’s Television Act, EAS announcements, EEO announcements, Network agreements, disclaimers, etc.
  • Create and maintain all “Best Practices” policies, procedures, and guidelines in conjunction with Corporate guidelines and local station management operating procedures
  • Maintain station “Local Station Playbook”; understand local market sales practices and philosophies, placement priorities, priority code usage, and selling rotations; ensure station “team” is notified of changes and well versed on station practices
  • Serve as a consultant to Sales, News, Programming, Promotions, and Public Service to design show formats affecting the on on-air appearance and quality of product while ensuring maximum inventory usage
  • Understand all policies, procedures, and requirements for HTV across all our stations
  • Prioritize and oversee completion of all assigned projects
  • Drive Traffic teams toward high quality and timely deliverables
  • Create an agile approach with Traffic team which supports the overall processes of the company
  • Set realistic objectives and perform annual reviews

Skills Required
  • 4-7 Years of traffic management experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of  WideOrbit Traffic System and Harris Automation preferred
  • Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) required




  • Undergraduate degree preferred



    Skills -  Training - Competencies: 

  • Organized and detailed manager of people and resources
  • Leadership qualities, experience teaching, managing and training others on how to best use the systems
  • Must have a solid understanding of broadcasting as it relates to Sales, Traffic, Programming, Engineering and Accounting
  • Conceptual and analytical thinking
  • Good communication skills
  • Skilled with conflict resolution
  • Ability to work well against deadlines
Filcro Media Staffing
Kelli Vanhove
National Manager Candidate Identification 
521 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10175

212-599-0909 ext 201

  • Resume Email: Direct Resume Email Link - Preferred Mode - Please leave or place the words "Traffic Manager North Carolina" in the subject line.
  • Resume Fax: (212) 599-1023
  • Please indicate in your cover letter or resume your salary history,  Thank you.
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Title Inventory control jobs in ad sales in cable TV JDS 2000 VCI DealMaker commercial traffic inventory directorDirector Commercial Inventory Control
Network Advertising Sales
Salary $90,000 to $120,000
Based on experience plus bonus and outstanding benefits - TOP FIRM
Location New York City, New York - U.S.A. - Midtown 
  • Cable TV Network is seeking an experience Director or Senior Manager of Commercial Traffic and Inventory Control for Network Ad Sales.
  • This person should enjoy autonomy and have a desire for long term security and stability in one of America's leaning media and entertainment companies.
  • A true TV ad sales commercial inventory professional who enjoys the broadcasting industry and fully understands Ad Sale Commercial Traffic and Inventory Management will enjoy the environment, the people and the Network.
  • This position is for an experienced Network Ad Sales Commercial Inventory Traffic Management professional.  The skills and experience required are listed below. 
  • Set up procedures and requirements for commercial inventory and traffic interaction across related sister network(s).
  • Fully responsible for all inventory controls and those systems for sales DealMaker is used
  • Oversee work of related traffic and sales issues surrounding inventory insuring accurate input of information.
  • Coordinate with Account Execs and Log Editors to insure equitable rotation throughout dayparts for all advertisers.
  • Compile and maintain inventory and revenue reports in order to track avails and maximize sales revenue.
  • Work with and optimize Inventory Systems usage and functionality.
  • Compile inventory training materials and training programs for all relevant staff - A good people person.
  • Research and analyze broadcast discrepancies in order to provide expedient resolutions.
  • Versed on DealMaker, JDS and or VCI ideal.
  • Strong Excel and Access (or any other database than Access) to optimize ability to accurately convey inventory availability to Sales Staff.
  • Ability to make sales aware of 70-80 and 90% yields to assure budget based on remaining inventory. 
  • Ability to let sales know the "real deal" at all times 
Decision Making
  • A person who enjoys seeking ways to make things and people work more efficiently.
  • A person who enjoys voicing their ideas and finding creative business solutions.
Skills Required
  • A minimum of 3-5 years of commercial inventory / traffic experience in Cable TV 
  • Good with systems and software - JDS 2000 and Excel and Access (or other database than Access) Experience with DealMaker ideal.  The more systems experience the better. JDS and VCI a plus also.
  • Good with people. Experience teaching, managing and training others on how to best use systems.
  • Ability to let sales know when remaining inventory is getting low so they can adjust ad rates to meet budget if required.
  • A person looking for real career stability and growth in a positive work environment. 
  • Organized and detailed manager of people and resources.
Filcro Media Staffing
Director Network Ad Sales Inventory / Traffic
521 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10175
  • Resume Email: Direct Resume Email Link - Preferred Mode - Please leave or place the words "Inventory Traffic Director" in the subject line.
  • Resume Fax: (212) 599-1023
  • Please indicate in your cover letter or resume your salary history,  Thank you.
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