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Aruba Kitesurfing Photography for Kiteboarding in Aruba by Tony Filson

About our efforts, for a good cause

Tony Filson of Filcro Media devotes substantial time and resources, twice a year to promote Aruba’s abundant offerings of beach and water sports activities to help build youth sports programs.

This website was founded from a true appreciation of Aruba, the Arubian People and the enthusiastic and global participation of athletes and their sponsors at Aruba Hi-Winds and Aruba Beach Tennis competitions. 

This philanthropic endeavor ( services offered ) started in 2013 providing media coverage of kitesurfing, windsurfing and beach tennis in Aruba by what can only be equated to a “non profit media NGO” devoted to youth sports programs, in one of the most beautiful environments in the world, conducive to international kitesurfing, windsurfing and beach tennis competitions.

Filcro Media does not profit from these photographs or the website.  However, we reserve the right to all intellectual property.  Any commercial enterprise seeking to use any materials or likeness shall obtain written permission which can be obtained easily, by contacting the firm.

As compensation for any materials utilized commercially, Filcro Media charges a simple low flat fee to be donated to Aruba youth sports programs.  This is all a labor of love.

So how does a fashion designer, sports equipment company or major sports media company get international sports coverage for less than the cost of a good lunch in New York?   All they have to do is make some deserving and thankful children smile at .


  1. We accept kitesurfing equipment - Equipment donated will be photographed with beach and water shots by male or female kitesurfers. Boards and Kites are auctioned or raffled off at KiteSurfing competitions and all proceeds are donated 100% to Children’s sports clinics. 
  2. We accept swim wear.  - Swim wear donated will be photographed with beach and water shots by male or female kitesurfers. This is a huge incentive for the talented young men and women who spend hours in front of the camera.  They do get to keep the suits! :)
  3. We accept donations for kitesurfing clinics - You will receive photographs of the clinic(s) you or your company sponsor and notes from the children - Donations for clinics start at $500.00 for (10) ten children for an entire summer.  Where else can you send 10 Kids to summer camp for $50.00 each?
  4. We accept donations for the photographs of your choice or commissioned and all proceeds go to the Aruba Sport Unie.

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Tony Filson - BIO
Filcro Media
295 Madison Avenue - 8th Floor
New York, NY  10017
212-599-0909 ext 215

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Tony Filson Kitesurfing Photography Aruba for Kiteboarding  and Beach Tennis by Tony Filson
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