Cerutti Productions
A San Antonio, Texas based diversified media company offering 
business, creative and technical solutions.
TV jobs and employment in San Antonio Texas
We are currently seeking qualified professionals within:
  • Production
  • Writers
  • Post Production - Avid Editors w/ Symphony 
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Facilities & Broadcast Operations and Engineering
  • Camera & sound personnel should list freelance availability, rates and equipment inventory.
  • We are not accepting on camera talent at this time.  ONLY voice-over artists are needed.
Employment and Resume Submission Information

Resume and Material Submission Policy Employment at Cerutti Productions in San Antonio Texas

If you wish to submit your resume or reel to Cerutti Productions, please read the statements below to understand how we assimilate and react to submissions.

  • Resumes should be submitted with dates of employment or project.
  • Only one resume submission is required to apply for multiple projects or employment.
  • Resumes should be submitted in DOC, TXT, PDF or RTF "PC" formats.  Our preference is Microsoft Word by e-mail.
  • Return receipt e-mail is your only mode of confirmation.  Please do not call to confirm receipt of resumes.
  • Resumes appropriate for current / future assignments are guided to human resources or the addressed hiring executive.
  • Contact with our firm subsequent to resume submission, can only be initiated by our firm.
  • Cerutti Productions will not respond to every submission, unsolicited or otherwise.
  • Cerutti Productions reserves the right to reject any submission without notification.
  • Return receipt e-mail is your only mode of confirmation.  Please do not call to confirm receipt of resumes.
  • Bibles, treatments and scripts will not be accepted unless accompanied by release form.
  • Demo reels for producers, editors, on air promo and art directors can be submitted on VHS, 3/4 inch or BetaCam, DVCPRO, DVCAM or MiniDV tape formats, DVD or CD-R/W or 100 / 250 Meg ZIP drives.
  • All items must be labeled on jacket and shell with name and phone number.
  • These items are not returnable and become part of our recruitment and identification library for a period of two (2) years.
  • Tape stock after two (2) years is demagnetized and donated to film & video learning institutions.

  • FedEX, Certified Mail, UPS or return receipt e-mail is your only mode of confirmation. Please do not call to confirm receipt of materials.
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