TV News Director Jobs for TV News Directors and TV News Executive Producers seeking jobs in southern california
Position TV News Director
TV Station News Division
Location West Coast - Beautiful California town voted one of the the most desirable places to live and work in America. - Relocation Offered
DMA Exp Req'd Ideal 1-30 
Compensation $125,000 with comprehensive benefits and relocation
Summary Jobs for TV News Directors and TV News Executive Producers seeking TV news jobs in CaliforniaThis highly respected broadcaster has an exceptional reputation for producing quality news programming. They are seeking a News Director for the TV station who enjoys competitive markets.  Located in what is considered the most desirable place to live in America, this could be an ideal job for a honed News Director who deserves this sought after lifestyle working for such a respected employer in this community.  This job offers the best of everything for a TV Station News Director who is a leader, mentor, motivator, catalyst and energetic honed broadcasting executive and journalist across multiple media platforms who can serve this robust community in a sophisticated news market.
  • Oversee all aspects of TV and Online News programming
  • Ability to produce 4 hours of news each weekday morning
  • A weekday 1-hour local magazine show
  • 1 hour at 4pm (weekdays)
  • 1 hour at 10pm (Monday-Sunday)
  • 2 hours each on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Produce for multiple platforms and social media to engage audiences who enjoy "News On The Go"
  • Build and maintain a productive and rewarding work environment that is respected for journalistic excellence. 
  • Mentor and lead a group of 60 (Sixty) genuinely nice and skilled news professionals who enjoy and respect what they do for a living.
  • Build a sense of community with your audience allowing them to be participants and feel engaged.  
Newsroom and Journalistic Acumen
The right News Director will intimately understand the jobs and careers of the news professionals who report into them.
They will appreciate nuance and understand what makes a good Booker or Guest Producer. A good Producer who becomes your next Sr. Managing or Executive Producer. A good Assignment-Desk Manager. A good Reporter. A good Photographer. A good Editor. A good Anchor.  Perhaps the right News Director has been in many of these roles themselves.
The right News Director can put themselves in the place of their reporters and Anchors and know what it's like to report from the location of the story that reports positive community events, tragedy, elections, storms, human interest, accidents, achievements, funerals, business success, and all the things that are important to a community that prides itself in being one of the best places to live in America.
Needed is a News Director that puts together not only Newscasts, but also round-tables, digital town halls and discussion forums where he or she can participate with the community and allow their voices to be part important issues.  The right News Director will find innovative way to involve the community in the success of the News Organization.
A News Director who blogs, is a wordsmith or a bit of an editorialist who the Community reads and follows and uses as a reference would allow the person to develop connections with the Community.   This sense of community will enable the News Director to have unique access to the community to cover events that offer quality-content to a giving and caring community.
  • Experience as a News Director at an independent, Fox or CW station or similar in a medium or small market or an Executive Producer or higher experience in a top 30 market or News organization that is competitive.
  • Demonstrated ability to build TV and digital news audience(s) across all platforms and to produce news for multiple media platforms and social media outlets that become part of the community.
  • A mentor, leader and team builder of people and fellow broadcasters.  A News Director capable of maintaining and building an esprit de corps. 
  • A person with passion and energy who loves what they do in broadcast news and can instill that genuine enthusiasm in those who want the same as individuals and a team.
  • A news executive seeking long term stability and security.  A person seeking a home, not a job. 
  • The ideal TV News Director for this job will have the soft skills to share their passion, energy and enthusiasm for news with others in the Newsroom and the Community.  The ability to maintain a positive work environment and motivate news producers, writers, reporters, photographers, anchors and everyone as a team to be the very best they can. 
  • Someone who believes in rewarding success while mentoring those who can benefit from positive leadership.
Contract Tony Filson
Filcro Media Staffing
295 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10017

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