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Executive Vice President Corporate Communication
New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Global media and entertainment conglomerate

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    One of the world's most respected media and entertainment conglomerates is seeking a seasoned corporate communications leader and officer with proven efficacy to manage a global group of highly talented and creative professionals in this resource rich multinational corporate communications environment.

    Job Description

    • Manage a global staff of diverse Vice Presidents with corporate communications responsibilities in various operating divisions of the company
    • Manage global company interests in regional groups for The US, EU, Asia, MENA and LATAM.
    • Work closely with presidents of operating groups and the Board; corporate philanthropy, business affairs, human resources, government relations, industrial relations, shareholder relations; entertainment groups; electronic groups and other interests
    • Meet business, technical and creative corporate media and communication requirements through the management of a diverse and large group of internal and external relationships and resources.

    Experience Desired

    • A minimum of 10 to 15 years of increased responsibility in a multinational corporate communications environment of a publicly traded company.
    • A minimum of 5 years of current experience in a publicly traded corporation
    • The global management of creative, business and technical resources to support corporate communications.
    • Strong financial controls to manage global budgets and expenditures derived from corporate, foundation, operating groups and sub-co's
    • Experience chairing corporate philanthropy initiatives and at times acting as a visible representative of the company at public and private events
    • Manage collaboratively with Treasury and Finance the annual shareholder meetings and attend
    • Attend and manage global events for creative, electronic and business units.  Work with noted theatrical, recording, industrial, political and sports personalities and their management when required.
    • The proven ability to develop and hire staff, succession planning contingencies and external resources to assure seamless operations of corporate communications
    • Approximately 25% to 30% travel between New York and Los Angeles.  Some Asia travel 1-2 times a year.
    • A granular understanding of multinational programming development, production and distribution of creative materials across multiple media platforms to include: Film, Television, Radio, Print, Digital and Wireless for corporate communications purposes.
    • Ability to partner with other media and entertainment companies for joint ventures and product launches that are event driven
    • Exceptional capacity with the English language.  Capacity with additional languages highly desired but not required
    • Experience with "core groups" to maintain confidentiality during corporate transactions, acquisitions, mergers and divestitures.
    • Experience working with cross-funtional teams and external vendors ie. PR firms, special event, venues and others to accomplish goals.
    • Ability to work with and review advertising agency relationships for corporate philanthropy messaging and public service initiatives.

    Compensation and Benefits

    • This executive will be based in New York City and Los Angeles.  Corporate housing will be provided for New York or Los Angeles based in the executive's needs as well as transportation.
    • A base salary in the high six-figures with equal or greater incentives, bonuses and stock options / grants.
    • Fully paid comprehensive corporate benefits and savings plans.
    • Extensive corporate relocation provided for the executive and their family if required.

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    Tony Filson
    Officer in Charge of Search
    Filcro Media Staffing
    521 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY  10175
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