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Media Executive Search Methodologies

Since 1985 Filcro Media Staffing had been bringing media centric executive searches to fruition by utilizing honed proprietary recruitment resources, media industry acumen and respected meaningful relationships.

No two, executive searches, are the same.  However, there are constants, defined as search components that are utilized as a compilation of recruitment tools that are specific to the media industry.  Filcro Media Staffing’s executive search modalities are orchestrated appropriately for specialized media line management or CXO leadership.  The distinct advantages offered by the firm in identifying, recruiting and attracting media industry talent expeditiously, while bringing specialized media executive searches to fruition is documented.

The cadence and efficacy of identification, recruitment and attraction during the executive search process are determined by the media industry acumen, commitment and relationships of the Officer in Charge. This specialized media industry executive search experience provides a holistic understanding of how every tactical and strategic aspect of the search and the executives being identified must clearly bring the client’s business goals to fruition. 

Filcro Media Staffing
Retained Global Media Executive Search Modality

Filcro Media Staffing’s specialized media executive search practice is devoted to the needs of diverse and sophisticated media and broadcasting industries. The firm’s broadcasting, telecommunications and media focus combined with the capacity to discern nuance offers unique advantages to a complex and evolving global multicast, multiplex, multiplatform media, telecommunications and broadcasting community searching for proven strategic leadership and effective tacticians. 

Filcro Media Staffing’s executive search practices permit means to be honed at any point during universe compilation, identification and tiering. “The firm can turn on a dime.” Every executive search is transparent and collaborative. 

Establishing Goals

Working collaboratively the officer in charge of search obtains an understanding of the immediate and long-term business, technical and or creative goals to help determine the experience and skill sets required.

Focus is also placed on "traditional" organizational relationships, reporting lines, succession planning, change management, budgets, corporate goals and corporate culture to identify the proper environments to recruit out of.   Essential to this phase is Filcro Media Staffing’s capacity to make knowledgeable assessments based on decades of media executive search experience. 

Client Assessment

As the recruited candidates are evaluated by Filcro Media Staffing the evaluation process is constantly facilitating the identification of additional "ideals" at every phase of the executive search. The written profiles, scenario work and justification statements are intended to address specific issues during each phase of assessment.  Many clients opt to utilize these  assessments to enhance or supplement their own internal reviews.

Terms of Employment  - Relocation - Contracts

FIlcro Media Staffing will participate in finalizing the terms of employment, relocation assistance or employment contract review when appropriate.  With extensive experience reviewing terms, compensation, relocation and employment contracts prior to and subsequent to the proper executive being attracted, Filcro Media Staffing will play as active a role, as required, to bring this phase of the hiring process to fruition


Once an executive is in place, Filcro Media Staffing participates in assuring  acclimation. This process includes professional and personal specifics that are intended to assure that the executive is performing as expected, happy and committed to their professional obligations.  With many executive searches, executives and their families are relocated globally.  The firm’s experience with global acclimation and relocation can be extremely valuable when attracting leadership.  Filcro Media Staffing will assist so any formalized onboarding program can benefit from the firm’s supplemental participation.

Client and Candidate Success

Filcro Media Staffing brings business goals to fruition through an effective and expeditious executive search process.

Since 1985 the firm has a proud history of facilitating the building, operation and monetization of global media assets by recruiting some of the world's most talented media executives.

When recruiting for media and entertainment conglomerates or well conceived start-ups, Filcro Media Staffing has a documented history of “Client & Candidate” success.  The media relationships introduced by the firm, during the executive search process can continue to contribute to the organizations we recruit for, well into the future.

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